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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


George Monbiot has an article in today's Guardian about housing. Astonishingly he is in favour of it.

So George now realises that we need to build houses.

Some days ago he did an article pointing out that bio-fuels were a scam. Be careful George next thing you will start to realise the free market works far better than putting everything in the hands of Luddite politicians gaining power & money through scare stories. Then they would have to fire you.

Housebuilding is inherently inexpensive - at least 60%, probably much more, of housing costs are regulatory ones - the far higher cost of land with "planning permission", the fact that planners actively prevent the sort of modern mass production techniques that made Henry Ford successful last century & the obstructive Kafkaesque planning system itself.

A century ago a house & car cost the same & there is no inherent reason why they should not again, except for the fact that cars have improved so much.

It is obscene that human beings lives are being blighted so that the heritage industry can maintain the Victorian landscapes that make up our cities.

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