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Friday, November 02, 2007


An article here supporting James Watson's position on race, or more accurately going into specifics on how so many of his "respectable" academic critics who have said that there is no scientific evidence for IQ differences are clearly being deliberately 100% dishonest. There are in fact a vast number of IQ tests of subsaharan Africans showing a massive difference. One may argue that the IQ tests aren't conclusive proof but to say they do not exist is clearly incompatible with any form of honesty, scientific or otherwise.

One thing that annoys me is that this article, which is clearly better written & far better researched than any of the numerous newspaper articles, unanimously on one side, can be published only on the blogsphere.

"Professional" journalists regularly disparage bloggers as merely amateurs & the net as nest of conspiracy theories (excluding the theories that the Russians/Chinese/Iranians/Iraquis are conspiring to hide their WMDs which are acceptable in the MSM). Perhaps they should acknowledge that the best of the blog is far & away more informed & informing than they are & the worst not much worse.

Any newspaper that cared to publish this article could do so after negotiating an appropriate fee (or even after getting its journalists to rip it off & take out long words) but they don't do so which shows they are quite deliberately seeking not to inform.

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