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Monday, July 02, 2007


From the memorandum from Merkel on how those in charge want to persuade us to go along with the new EU treaty or "tidying up exercise" as Bliar referred to it first time round. Then he accepted the demands from the Tories & Lib Dems for a referendum.
the importance of avoiding the impression which might be given by the symbolism and the title 'Constitution' that the nature of the Union is undergoing radical change. For them this also implies a return to the traditional method of treaty change through an amending treaty, as well a number of changes of terminology, not least the dropping of the title ‘Constitution’.

"Such an approach is not incompatible with the demand from those Member States which have already ratified, that as much of the substance of the Constitutional Treaty as possible should be preserved
Now thats what I call cynicism. Matched only by the apparent about face of the LibDems who no longer want to risk a referendum.

One interesting point is that the SNP were quite thoroughly in favour of a referendum then - indeed one which showed the results for Scotland separately from England. If they too don't do an about face then, with the Tories, there should be a majority for a referendum in Scotland on the notConstitution.

A Constitution should limit the power of politics.

Therefore, vote Yes to Free Europe Constitution at
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