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Saturday, July 07, 2007


The Guardian, naturally enough, is full of publicity for the concerts to push the catastrophic global warming aka climate change scam. I have commented on 2 of them:
First the minor one - But is such an event really the way to tackle climate change?

What a silly question. Of course it isn't. It is a way of propagandising without the risk of having to discuss the real facts.

We see the BBC publicising this show even to the extent of saying on BBC news last night "Al Gore is a climate scientist" while avoiding ever having to respond to calls for them to broadcast a public debate on the question. As they & Greenpeace who also refuse an call to discuss their Faith, know perfectly well when it was recently publicly debated before the great & good of New York the vote went heavily against this swindle.
Then the one saying Gore should have chosen poor (& unknown) stars for this shindig:

"Raising awareness" is an example of politicians changing the word to conceal the reality - the word used to be "propagandising". Thus Adolf Hitler spent a lot of time "raising awareness" of the the Jewish problem. Of course his solution involved killing far fewer people than the "environmentalist" movement.

The author criticises Gore's choice of participants basically on the amount of money they have - a common fault among music superstars. He could perhaps have mentioned some other thing which they endorse.

Perhaps I may help Madonna to "raise awareness" of her vital contribution to human wellbeing by the assistance (& publicity) she has given to "Kaballah scientists" to produce magic water capable of, among many other things, neutralising radioactivity. is sad to see that, under the influence of svengali Gore & an awful lot of free publicity, she has fallen from the heights of this immense scientific breakthrough to support palpable nonsense like catastrophic global warming.

Hope the weather stays warm for them.
Finally lets finish with a bit of the wit & wisdom of Gore's top act, Madonna on her scientific breakthrough. She is presumably, in the eyes of the Guardian, BBC & rest of the media, a role model for how to treat science:
Madonna is said to have approached Downing Street, before being directed to the DTI.....But her campaign became bogged down by Whitehall bureaucracy. “It was a case of pass the parcel,” said the civil servant.

Ritchie, the film director, cold-called BNFL and wrote a series of letters accompanied by scientific papers. A panel of BNFL’s best scientists was tasked with looking into the proposal but could find no scientific basis for the claims.

The lobbying, which took place a few years ago, was part of a campaign by Madonna, who saw it as her mission to rid the world of nuclear waste. She made this clear in newspaper interviews at the time.

“I mean, one of the biggest problems that exists right now in the world is nuclear waste,” she said. “That’s something I’ve been involved with for a while with a group of scientists — finding a way to neutralise radiation, believe it or not.”

...“According to science we aren’t going to have a planet in about 50 years at the rate we’re going with nuclear waste.

“I can write the greatest songs and make the most fabulous films and be a fashion icon and conquer the world, but if there isn’t a world to conquer, what’s the point?

“I’ve just come to a place in my life where I’m trying to really see what the big picture is and where my energy is better spent, and that’s one area I’m really concerned about.”

The Kabbalah Centre is believed to have sponsored Oroz, a “23rd-century” research body in New York that heralded a “breakthrough” in neutralising radioactive waste.

Dr Artur Spokojny, the director of Oroz and a Kabbalah follower, is said to have developed a “revolutionary” decontamination agent called Orodyne, which can reportedly also treat gynaecological problems in cows and sheep.

Three years ago the research centre claimed it had experimented with the agent in Lake Glyboke near Chernobyl and had successfully decontaminated the water.

So nuclear waste is going to destroy the planet in 50 years while it will take 100 until, as the equally eminent government's chief science advisor, Sir David King says "Antarctica is the only habitable continent".

"Of course his solution involved killing far fewer people than the "environmentalist" movement."

This is true. However, do you not think that the language used by Gore et al is an attempt to give off the impression that global warming will in fact kill more people than several Holocausts?
Certainly if what they threatened were true then it would be more. Indeed many "environmentalists" say either that we must bring the world population down by about 5 billion or that nature is going to do it. That woulld certainly make Hitler & Stalin look inoffensive.
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