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Thursday, July 05, 2007


George Melly has just died which reminded me of one of the strangest stories to come out of the Irish troubles. As I remembered it he had reported that somebody had approached him in a bar & said that MI5 were seeking to kill him because he had been hired to plant bombs in Dublin to implicate the IRA & that they wanted to dispose of the witness. Shortly thereafter his murdered body was found. Thereafter it entirely disappeared from the media.

It seems memory was combining 2 events. The person Melly met was Kenneth Lennon. The people who said they had been hired to bomb Dublin were the Littlejohn brothers. The bombing in Dublin which was indeed blamed on the IRA though, somewhat unusually, they have always denied it, & did play a major part in persuading the southern government to cooperate against the IRA.
Kenneth Lennon was on the run when he wandered into Ronnie Scott's jazz club in London's Soho district one night earlier this month. He also was drunk. George Melly, a blues singer and former film critic for the Sunday Observer, had never seen him before, but Lennon insisted on buying Melly a brandy. "He seemed pretty frightened," Melly recalls, "but the fear was covered with drink, and drink had given him a certain courage."

Lennon told Melly that he had been an informer for Scotland Yard's Special Branch and had been responsible for sending to prison some friends who were sympathizers of the Irish Republican Army. "I am not getting protection," he muttered. "There are two lots after me, both lots." Melly suggested he tell his story to the National Council for Civil Liberties (N.C.C.L.), and Lennon left with what seemed at the time to be characteristic barroom bravado. Says Melly: "He told me that if I read in the papers that he had been found face down in a puddle, or maybe it was a ditch, I would know he was speaking the truth."

Four days later, Lennon's body was found in a Surrey ditch; he had been shot twice in the back of the head. Police said it looked like an I.R.A. execution. Before he died, Lennon had taken Melly's advice and gone to the N.C.C.L. For six hours the disheveled, unshaven Ulsterman spilled out an incredible story of how he had been blackmailed into becoming an informer on the I.R.A. for British intelligence. He was clearly afraid for his life, recalled Larry Grant, the council's senior legal officer, and feared not only that the vengeful I.R.A. would hunt him down but that "the Special Branch might try to kill him and make it look as though it were an Irish job......"

The case with the Littlejohn brothers was
Shortly before the Bill was due to be debated, bombs exploded at Liberty Hall and Sackville Place, killing two CIE workers and injuring scores of civilians. As word reached the Dail Chambers it was assumed the IRA were responsible. Consequently, Fine Gael abstained and the Bill was carried by 69 votes to 22. Significantly, in August 1973, shortly after the trial of the Littlejohn brothers who claimed to be operating in the Republic of Ireland as British agents, Taoiseach Jack Lynch is reported to have said that both he and the Irish Cabinet had a 'suspicion' that the 1972 bombs had been the work of British Intelligence.
They say that truth is the first casualty of war& it seems likely that some things worthy of LeCarre were going around 1973/4 which have been very actively kept out of or downplayed in the media. It works both ways, Pat Finucane is always claimed to have been merely an innocent lawyer defending the legal rights of IRA soldiers rather than a member of the IRA Army Council.

It may take longer to write the history of this than of bigger but arguably simpler conflicts like WW2 but I would like to think that someday somebody will write a genuine history of this conflict. Probably after everybody is dead & can't sue, or shoot.

I'm not sure that future historians will know any more than we do, though it may be less obvious that they don't know.
I enjoyed George's show half-a-dozen times, but it would not have occurred to me to take him seriously on anything other than Bessie Smith. And even then I wouldn't expect much accuracy.
there was a lot of stuff going on back then - especially 73/74.

i dont think we'll really know the full story for another 50 or even 75 years.

dont forget that the Cold War was on as well, so you've also got the CIA/KGB angle going on at the same time.

Remember the "Red Brigades" in Italy for example. And that Romano Prodi was implicated as a KGB agent by the polonium poisoned Russian guy recently?

its a hornets nest of intrigues that didnt just include Ireland. we probably wont live long enough to see all the papers on this part of history - our grandchildren might.
kenneth lennon had a contact address in surry
it was po box 1 godalming surrey
he went to political meeting carrying sex contact magazines from this address
handy for him to have someting to compromise people with while working for the special branch

search this address snd you will find anti terrorist organisations

to say nothing og ludovic lennedys wicked beyond belief and the other luton 3 and the last postmaster general john stonehouse

im not george melly but i met him in a pub

he said he found the magazines on a train coming from luton to lodon

it was late in the year before he died

he talked of his children and offered me the magazines

had a quick look

i had to remember the address

long time ago but i never forgot it

po box 1 godalming surry

the following year he was found dead in surry

i dont think any irish would have eanted to shut him up but his case was the 2nd luton 3 and the others were still in prison fitted up by drury who took the reward money

in the 1st luton 3 the last words of the murdered postmaster was i wish i was the postmaster general(john stonehouse)
maybe i should have taken the sex contact magazines and had a good time
immediately after kenneth lennons death sir henry garfield hodge sacked martin loney to silence him

hodge went on to become a high court judge got blair to move next door to him in islington and did a lot to create the new labor policy of blair

hodge is quite an establishment figure

the establishment had a lot to lose if kenneth lennon sold his story to the news of the world
luton 3 number 1

"Wicked Beyond Belief" by Ludovic Kennedy

Luton 3 number 2

"The Reluctant Judas" by Geoffrey Robertson
kenneth lennon might have had some friends(sic) in surrey unless he reLly did find those magazines on a train

i cannot remember seeing him again after that first meeting
in searching for po box 1 godalming surrey you will find some interesting people
among the businesses you wil find Nitor Group Limited And Cubic defence Uk

Lots more there too

among the things you will find are bullet proof screens,shooting range design,firearms training,specialist range equupment and if you get sick of all this shooting you can do parachuting
i have never told anyone before that i met him
i like to take my time over these things
there are 2 luton 3s

number 1

ludovic kennedy "wicked beyond belief"

number 2

geoffrey robertson "the reluctant judas"

the first luton three was a murder of luton postmaster reginald stevens

commander drury fitted up 3 men and took the reward money
The address that Kenneth Lennon was distributing on his Sex Contact Magazine at a political meeting prior to his murder in Surrey

PO Box 1 Godalming Surrey

This is the High Security address of


A specialist police and military training facility

He was murdered to Shut Him Up

The murder was covered up by Sir Henry Garfield Hodge

Among others

Kenneth arranged a meet with these people and never came back

Never Get In A Car With Strange Men
It was the main postal address of Nitor Group Uk
They forgot they used it for a Sex Contact Magazine which they gave to Kenneth Lennon to distribute.
These people are so bad and rottten that even the Japanese did not give British Prisoners of War Broken Glass with their food
This comment has been removed by the author.
It was the later part of 1972 that Kenneth Lennon was seen taking his Sex Contact Magazines to a political meeting.

It was pretty obvious he was not a spy.
He died in April 1974
If you search Nitor Group ltd and Hansard you will find Human Rights Violators
Here is a link for

Greater than installs in Google Play Store is its present android app. Control android tool. Job account.
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