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Saturday, July 07, 2007


Letter to the BBC Director General
Dear Mark Thompson,
It was with some surprise that I heard BBC News state at 10.15 last night, as part of your promotion of the global warming concerts that "Al Gore is a climate scientist".

Mr Gore is many things.

He is a former US Vice President.

He is a war criminal who supported illegal war & genocide against Serbian Untermensch.

He is a tobacco heir.

He is a film star of an, at least partially, fictional work.

He is an Emmy award winner.

He is the recipient of money from the British government for showing this film to schoolchildren despite it being strictly illegal to do so without providing political balance.

He is man paid millions as an after dinner speaker on alleged global warming.

He is the owner of companies which will, for a price, provide you, or himself, with absolution for your alleged carbon sins by what is called offsetting.

He is somebody with an enormous "carbon footprint" partly due to his 26 room house with heated swimming pool & partly to jetting around the world to proclaim that ordinary people should not jet around the world.

He is someone who has publicly asserted that smoking is major cause of alleged global warming.

What he is not, under any circumstances, is a scientist, climate or otherwise.

If this is an error you will be able to publicly correct this on tonight's news.
If it is not it is deliberate dishonesty as part of the BBC's continuing campaign to promote catastrophic global warming (or as it is now less demandingly described "climate change") while censoring the fact that, since 1998, there has been none.
Neil Craig
PS If the BBC were really impartial on this subject you would, instead of devoting all your time to publicising Gore's current propaganda stunt, you would be willing to broadcast a public debate, like the recent New York one, on the subject.

He must be a scientist - he invented the internet.
Damn I forgot that one.
Well said, I have posted your letter on my humble site.

Oh Al needs to offset some of that hot air that he spouts from that cavern of a mouth of his...
he also won the election in 2000. it was just stolen from him.

(just doing my best Kos Kid impression...)
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