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Friday, June 15, 2007


Dear Bill Jamieson,
May I suggest that there is a certain impropriety in the Scotsman censoring my factually undisputed online comments about the Dragodan massacre on your article on Wednesday about the Yugoslav war crimes "trial"? I grant that this tended more towards the Serb side than anything your paper reports but if what I wrote is factually accurate this should not, in theory, be a barrier. If there was anything in what I said which was untrue there would be a case but neither the Scotsman nor any participant could dispute its truth.

Having censored my point I think it doubly wrong that you should have allowed the comments of Mr Donald who appears, at the very least, strongly sympathetic to the Nazi side. I do not believe Nazis should be censored as such but I think it is wrong of you only to insist on a one sided pro-Nazi view.

I believe that even if the Scotsman, like Joseph Goebbels, chooses to censor what its journalists write in what appears to be a genocidal Nazi cause, you should not seek to take the further step of censoring what others say, particularly when there is no dispute as to them being truthful.


Beyond even that I think that having removed my comments the decision to retain obscene sexual remarks about myself, of a purely personal nature completely unrelated to the newspaper article was not the behaviour a reputable newspaper would, under any circumstances, wish to engage in. To allow me to be identified, though I have never sought to hide my identify, compounded the insult & appears to be against the advertised code.

I consider an apology in order.

Whatever the results of my protest you may be assured that I will not publicly refer to any person at the Scotsman as having a small penis - I must accept that this is the standard of decency (& honesty) to which your paper aspires. Mine is far higher.

In the event that the Scotsman ever aspires to any form of honesty or indeed decency I will put up Mr Jamieson's reply.


Good day to you, Neil Craig of Scotland! I just found your site while doing a search on Google search engine for "Kosovo Nazi".

I am Jewish, living in America and I am a proud, independent Israpundit blogger (see our Jewish-Israeli site, who endorses 100% your views of the Serbs as victims of Nazism and Islamofascism for the last decade and a half plus . I am against the pro-Nazi KLA and pro-Islamofascist Izetbegovic policies and opinions of Clinton, Blair ,Lantos, Lieberman and UK blogger and notorious pro-Izetbegovic-KLA hypocrite, Oliver Kamm, who pretends he is a friend of the Jewish people and Israel....(I and other well informed American Jews are not fooled!)

You are obviously a man of integrity who is highly intelligent. A principled and morally ethical human being who is deserving of the title "Righteous (Gentile) among the nations".

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for defending Jews and our brothers in the Shoah (Holocaust) - the Righteous Gentile Serbs against the forces of Islamofascism and Nazism in the Balkans, sponsored by William Jefferson Clinton and your prime minister Tony Blair as well as EU countries, during the nineteen-nineties. See my comments on Israpundit by going to....

Thanking you very sincerely for your courage in telling the G-d's honest truth about the Serbs, my new dear friend Neil Craig, from Scotland....

With greatest eternal respect,

Shlomo Baum...

(your everlasting Jewish friend from the United States of America....continue to be strong and courageous my friend! May your life be filled with never ending happiness and fulfilment of all your dreams and desires for the betterment of humanity...)
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