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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Fred of Fred on Everything has a good set of economic laws about why countries are rich or otherwise. His writings are always amusing & often perceptive - in this case I think by going for a very serious subject with less personal anecdotes I think it is perceptive enough for somebody at the World Bank to rewrite & get promoted for.

This isn't a rewriting it is merely heavy editing.
Suspected Economic Law: The easier it is to bribe a working-stiff cop, the poorer the country.

Suspected Economic Law: Prosperity varies inversely with the time between beginning negotiations to open a factory and getting first product.

Suspected Economic Law: National income is inversely proportional to the amount of trash in the streets.

Suspected Economic law: Per capita income correlates with the average number of minutes by which people miss appointments.

Suspected Economic Law: The more European or East Asian blood, the more money.

That’s Fred on economics - read the full thing

More accurate than Keynes or Galbraith. More vivid than Hayek.
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