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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The ICTY have, after another of their racist kangaroo courts sentenced Milan Martic, leader of the exterminated Krajina Republic to 35 years as a "war criminal"
A WARTIME leader of Croatia's rebel Serbs was convicted by the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal of murder, torture and persecution yesterday and sentenced to 35 years in prison for a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign of non-Serbs in Croatia.

It is of course impossible to deny that the ethnic cleaning that took place was virtually all done by our Nazi allies & that The Krajina Serbs were the victims. This was my perhaps over restrained comment:
What happened to the people of Krajina of whom Martic was the leader?

Genocide pure & simple. The entire region was "cleansed" of 250,000 human beings, at least half of whom are still as missing as the Jew's who went into Auschwitz. This was done by a Croatian Nazi army led by US officers, under the orders of the Nazi murderer Bill Clinton & with the active support of NATO.

This "trial" is the exact & precise equivalent of bringing the leaders of the Jewish Ghetto to trial for daring to resist the noble SS troops who were exterminating them. I have no doubt whatsoever that, had the war gone differently every single member of the ICTY would have enthusiastically supported the SS in the same way.

Martic is clearly innocent - a man who tried to protect people from our genocidal Nazi friends. On the other hand obscene racist murdering filth like Clinton, Blair, Kohl & indeed the majority of our MPs deserve this punishment or worse.


The Scotsman have deleted my post while leaving in 3 posts which "replied" purely by accusing me of sexual deviance (I won't repeat) rather than answering the points raised. I think this is a first for the Scotsman. I suspect it would be a first even for the Daily Sport. I have put up this protest & will mention if it is removed (or indeed in the unlikely event that somebody makes a serious factual dispute.
The Scotsman moderator has chosen to delete my comment no 8. This said that the removal by the Croatian Nazi army, trained & de facto led by US officers & assisted by NATO, of 250,000 Serbs from Krajina, half of whom are still missing was the true crime here.

That is a factually accurate statement.

I compared this genocide to that of the SS in the Warsaw Ghetto & charging Martic to charging the Jewish survivors with resisting the SS. The validity of that comparison is obvious.

Having engaged in that censorship the editor has specificly chosen not to delete 9, 10 & 12 which are not only obscene & clearly personally offensive but make no attempt to debate the issue.

Would the Scotsman also wish to censor the Simon Weisenthal Centre which denounced the "criminal character" of our Croatian Nazi allies & stated that the first ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia was of 50,000 Serb civilians from territory claimed by Croatia. Certainly the "court" has been unconcerned about this atrocity. Certainly reporting of that has always been absent.

It has long been apparent that the British media have censored any reporting of the genocide which our government has been complicit in.

Take, for example, the murder, in the British controlled sector of Kosovo, of at least 210 unarmed civilians in the Dragodan mass grave. This, an atrocity carried out under our command authority, comparable to the My Lai massacre in Vietnam or even the Lidice massacre of Czechs by the SS, has been totally censored from the entire British media. This is merely 1 of many examples which have led to our government getting away with crimes smaller in degree but not in principle, than those of Hitler. And to the painting by our press, of the Serbs in terms neither less offensive nor less dishonst than those used by the German press against the Jews.

That the Scotsman is now bringing this censorship to online debate is an unwelcome extension.


The Scotsman removed the 2nd post. On attempting to partly repost I got this response

Thanks for your comment. Comments on this article must be approved by our moderator before being displayed.

Meanwhile all of the obscene comments against me have been kept up.

Shalom, once again my new dear friend, Neil Craig of Scotland!....

I just read this brilliant article of yours and wish to inform you that I and my fellow Israpundit bloggers (Ted Belman, Nathan Pearlstein, Felix Quigley, P.Robert North, yamit82, etc.) have covered this very important subject on Western government (USA and EU+NATO) support of Nazis and Islamofascists in the former Yugoslavia, in great detail here below....

You can also do a search on the Israpundit search engine by typing in "Kosovo Islamofascist" or "Nazi Kosovo", "Izetbegovic Islamofascist" "Tudjman Nazi"....

Neil Craig, please sir, continue with your immensely valuable and truthful work in the cause of righteousness, justice and freedom for all humanity from the dark forces of Nazism and Islamofascism!

May G-d bless you and your family and keep you safe and may your life be filled with prosperity and happiness, my dear righteous Gentile friend, Neil Craig!....

your eternal Jewish friend from the USA....

Shlomo Baum.
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