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Saturday, May 19, 2007


FEARS of a fresh terrorist atrocity gripped the US yesterday after the vice president, Dick Cheney, warned it was "not a matter of if but when" an attack on the United States would take place.

....The New York Times reported that US intelligence agencies have intercepted a series of messages among al-Qaeda operatives indicating the group is attempting to launch an attack as big as or bigger than that of 11 September.

The FBI warned of a possible al-Qaeda plot to bomb US flats. Another source told CNN the volume of "troubling" communications among suspected al-Qaeda members had "definitely picked up in the last month". Their volume and pattern were similar to those before 11 September.

From the Scotsman 20th may 2002. If al Quaeda didn't still exist, just barely, those in power would have to invent some other hobgoblin to keep us scared (see this bl;og's heading). I'm afraid no matter how much they prop them up & wave their arms about al Quaeda & Global Warming make very threadbare bogey men. Perhaps, if they get their way, the powers that be will get a bit more mileage out of using the Russians again.

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