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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Last week I took a few days off with my brother & his wife to sightsee Scotland. We spent a day going round Skye & then had dinner in Plockton & then drove back via Fort William. We set off probably about 9.45 in the evening.

The point about this is that on the way home the roads were hoaching with deer. From the first one that ran across the road in front of us coming out of Plockton to Fort George at least, we must have seen about 30 of them all on the roadside or on the road itself (in the dark they would be impossible to see any further away). Indeed Jamie who is a very good but fast driver nearly ran into one as we came round a blind corner. A disconcerting experience in the passenger seat as he swerves past a deer whose head passes within a couple of feet of where I am sitting. Shortly after that we came across 2 separate groups crossing the road the leader of one of whom was extremely pernicity about her prior right of passage.

A distinctly interesting experience. I am sharing this partly because I know that a very high proportion of my readers are from overseas & if you want to see deer in the wild this is the place and the time to do so. We drove up the same road in the morning & while it was possible to see literally for miles saw none yet during the night they are all over the road. I assume that grass verges taste better than cropped grass since they were certainly congregating there.

Drive carefully.

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