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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Vaclav Klaus the Czech President has made a speech on environmentalism which also encapsulates my views. Naturally it will not receive 1000th the coverage the BBC & other MSM give to the expertise of Gore or indeed Madonna.
During his speech, Klaus argued that environmentalism represented just as big a danger to freedom as communism.

Klaus's publisher, Marek Pecinka, characterised his book as "an effective antidote against the gossip of Al Gore."

In a speech last month, Klaus said that while he recognised concerns about the environment were legitimate, his problem with environmentalism as an ideology.

"Environmentalism only pretends to deal with environmental protection," he told the right-wing libertarian think-tank the Cato Institute in Washington.

"Behind their people- and nature-friendly terminology, the adherents of environmentalism make ambitious attempts to radically reorganize and change the world, human society, our behavior, and our values," he added.

The trouble is, the Cato Institute is mentioned, heralding cries of "capitalist pigdogs" from the environMENTALists which simply confirms that they are all evil socialist / marxist / stalinist filth.

I'd go as far as to say EnvironMENTALism is a religion, and those of us who disagree will be burned at the stake as heretics.
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