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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Scotland on Sunday published a letter criticising "Lord" Robertson for his attack on Alex Salmond for allegedly ignoring the Kosovo refugees, when he opposed attacking Yugoslavia.

I said that in fact the refugee flight didn't start until after NATO started bombing & that that that it was the fault of the NATO bombing & KLA terrorism campaigns was proven by the fact that a larger proportion of the Serbian than Albanian population left during the war. A fact which even western governmental organisations accept.

That if his lordship were not wholly hypocritical he would be criticising the Blair government minister, including himself, for ignoring the 350,000 refugees they created in Kosovo & also the genocide & child sex slavery they have allowed. That honest Labour supporters should therefore dissociate themselves from his criticism.

That, by the standards we applied at Nuremburg, Robertson & his fellow minister are guilty of war crimes & can reasonably be suspected of being accessories ti genocide & child sex slavery.

I did not mention & would like to make it quite clear that my allegation that Lord Robertson is involved in child sex slavery is entirely based on his support of a KLA he must know to doing precisely that along with genocide. I have absolutely now knowledge of the accuracy, or otheriwise, of claims that the genocidal Nazi child rapist is also involved in activities within Britain.

Not entirely to my surprise my comment was deleted, but interestingly enough not on Sunday when it was put up, but on Monday night. Did somebody outwith the SoS see this & throw a fit since clearly SoS thought my comment purely factualy supportable before then, as indeed it is. In all 3 out of 4 comments have been removed, though the others were removed before I read them! The remaining one accuses him merely of being "an incompetent hanger-on".

If Robertson can't take it he shouldn't try to hand it out.

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