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Monday, April 09, 2007


Iain Dale has this which, despite him not providing any source, should be picked up by the Scottish media. Certainly MacNeill has made enemies among the great & good. He also seems to be one of the smarter SNPists:

Further inquiries with Inspector McKnacker have confirmed a concerted dirty tricks campaign against "Cash for Peerages" MP Angus MacNeil.

Three forces have been investigating a sustained operation to smear the Scot Nat who has caused consternation at the heart of the Labour government. While the Special Branch in London has been looking into the possible bugging of an SNP office at Westminster, Glasgow CID are investigating a much witnessed following operation against MacNeil and Northern Constabulary have been concerned about suspicious calls to his home on the Western Isles.
All of this comes on the same day as the Labour supporting Sunday Mail newspaper has splashed a two year old "Kiss and Cuddle" story about MacNeil.

Would this be an attempt to undermine the MP who exposed the "Cash for Peerages" morass or does it have anything to do with the latest opinion poll in Scotland which puts the SNP 12 points ahead of Labour?

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