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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Jane Austen,,2030011,00.html & "what you so elegantly call the abyss beneath the drawing room"

Roma & IQ

Iain Dale on Gore & warming


Dividing Iraq & Yugoslavia,,2032585,00.html

Monbiot on Global warming Swindle,,2032575,00.html

Srebrenica lie

Glasgow subway


Instead of Patents

Taking the train to Uist

Bjorn Lomborg

Iain Dale on Warming Swindle



Humanity V Greenery


species extinction




Celebrating the EU


Scottish economy


Valon again

Kosovo (very good final letter from BBMP on the legality)

Organic food

Inheritance tax

CO2 as a "pollutant"

Global warming causes street crime

When I click on your Roma link, it takes me to Miss Austen.

Reading your regular and voluminous "COMMENTS" posts is something I always look forward to. They are always thoroughly entertaining and highly informative.

You really kicked the ass (arse) of that self-confessed would be mass murderer of people who disagree with him on the Scotsman fellow:

our resident KLA Nazi Albanian friend, the "poisonous little prat" otherwise known as "Valon".

Neil, you sure kicked his googlies so hard, he must still be smarting from the immense pain you inflicted! What a whinging little coward and cry baby that "Valon" character is when he's cornered! Fancy the brazen nerve of complaining to the Scotsman "moderators" to have your factual posts removed! Like all Nazis and thugs: a GUTLESS, SPINELESS, COWARD who can dish it out but can't take it.

You really brought out the very worst in that snivelling little Nazi twat. You just gotta love the classic Valon line: "By our deeds in the WWII, today we are admired by all Jews."

Yep, sure Valon. Which is why people like you guys joined the Albanian SS Skanderbeg and Muslim Handzar divisions and Balli Kombetar Albanian Fascists in order to MURDER ALL the Jews from 1941 - 1945.

Then you drove practically ALL of the Jews out of Kosovo 57 years later in 1999 in Kristallnacht style pogroms.

That's REAL love of Jews alright, Valon!

Neil, WELL DONE yet again on kicking Valon's ass and SHAME,SHAME,SHAME on the Orwellian "1984" style Scotsman editors/moderators for removing your comments exposing these crude pro-KLA Nazis for the gutless cowards and liars they really are!


Thanks Peter. With scum like Valon it is just a matter of winding them up & letting them spout. He proves the anti-KLA case even better than I do with every hate filled word.
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