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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


My nomination went in today for a place on the regional list for the Scottish Parliament & also the Hillhead council ward, for myself in the name of the 9% Growth Party.

My party blog is here.

Wish me luck.


1) Stop blackouts. Act before we lose 50% of our electricity. 16th in 2011 when Hunterston closes, 1/6th in 2015 when new EU controls come in, 1/6th in 2023 when Torness closes.

2) 9% growth using the methods that gave Ireland 7% on average & 10.5% in a good year.

3) Reform planning regulations. In 1907 a house & car cost the same - the difference is that planning regulators restrict housebuilding.

4) Stop subsidising windmills. Save £1 billion.

5) The smoking ban is an illiberal restriction on individual freedom. End it.

6) End fuel poverty. France produces 80% nuclear at 1.3p a unit. We can do the same.

7) A needs based transport policy. The previous Executive were committed to spending 70% of their transport budget on public transport (code for railways) though it makes up only 3% of traffic.

8) Tunnels project. Norway built 740km of tunnels at£7 million per km. We should do the same making it a short drive from Glasgow to Dunnoon, Rothesay, Kintyre, Jura, Isaly & Mull etc.

9) Fully automate Glasgow's subway allowing it to run at lower costs, greater capacity & 24/7.

10) Fully automate the Glasgow-Edinburgh train with the same effect.

11) Ultimate aim of a fully automated Scots rail transport system.

12) 2% cut in civil servants annually.

13) 2% government efficiency savings. Almost any private business trys to incresae efficiency at least that much & their is more scope in Holyrood.

14) Don't spend £610 million digging a tunnel under Edinburgh Airport. Make sure other government projects at least come close to making economic sense.

15) 3p cut in Scots income tax after funding of business tax cuts to provide growth.

16) No new politically correct vindictive bans. The smoking ban was NOT in manifestos at the last election.

17) A Holyrood committee to find & abolish counterproductive laws & regulations.

18) A schools vouchers system.

19) Allow schools to impose discipline.

20) Make a DVD of Scotland's history & post it to Scots, or those with Scots names, over the world. Include links encouraging Scottish tourism.

21) Establish a £20 million X-Prize to encourage space satelite industry to locate in scotland.

22) Establish an X-Prize foundation funded from the Scots contribution to the lottery to encourage high technology in Scotland.

23) Widen & improve the M8.

24) If Gore's silly film must be shown to Scots schoolchildren let them see the alternate view, AS THE LAW SPECIFICLY REQUIRES.

25) 54% of all money spent in Scotland is government money. Cut this.

26) Instead of knocking down Glasgow's high rise flats they should be given, free of charge, to those occupants who don't prefer to be rehoused.

Update Party member Ken is mirroring the site here.

Good luck!

Neil Craig: "This is a point where theory & practical politics diverge."

This may be one of those instances where the theory of being elected on a radical manifesto, and and the ability of a one man party being able to implement the manifesto, diverge. :-)
Wow - Alas, I'm registered in Fife, but you've got the sort of manifesto that I would have backed!
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