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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


From the Independent
Emissions of carbon dioxide from the power sector are shooting up because of an increasing switch from burning high-priced gas to cheaper, but more carbon-intensive, coal, says the report, commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

They have rocketed by nearly 30 per cent since 1999, with a rise of 6 per cent in 2006 alone - and this raises "serious concerns", the report says, about whether the Government can meet its proposed target under the recently launched Climate Change Bill to cut emissions by 26 per cent to 32 per cent by 2020......

In Britain, electricity consumption continues to rise, despite government promises of a "step change" in energy efficiency - and although renewables are making welcome progress, they are having to run fast to keep up with rising demand
Since this comes from the Indie & WWF (some of these wrestlers must have fallen on their heads to often) they make no mention of the real cause - that most of Britain's 20% of electricity from nuclear reactors has already closed. They also make a token remark about renewables though semi-acknowledging how useless they are, though in fact in fact windmills are obviously not running nearly fast enough to keep up. No mention either of the 5% of the UK's power which comes from France, which doesn't count as nuclear once it reaches our side of the Channel.

The twists & turns these people are going through to pretend they have a clue.

How strange that I ranted on this very subject earlier on today too...

The greens geefully say they're against almost everything, but don't actually offer a solution to the energy gap - I suspect they think the electricity fairy will solve all their problems. But thankfully, they're never going to be elected (other than by the blasted party list system here) so will only cause a minimum of harm to the country.
As I've said, so often that I'm in danger of boring myself, the whole renewables nonsense is about people making money. I've listened to so many numpty 'salesman' selling the concept of wind farms that it's definitely boring me.

I went to a meeting a few years ago when some wind farm blokes tried to tell me that the concrete base on which these 100 m turbines stand was about 7 meters square. Quite how this was supposed to support them God only knows. The WF at Fallago Ridge will require the equivalent of about one and half Titanic’s weight in concrete to allow Elton John to sing - I'm still standing
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