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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The Scotsman today had an article on the Srebrenica bodies. I eleterd a coiple of comments, #s 7 & 13 which have been deleted.

7 - said that the main article had made no mention of the murder by Naser Oric, Moslem commander in Srebrenica, of 3,870 identified Serb civilians> I also pointed out that the Scotsman's figure of 4,000 bodies having been found was untrue, which it is & that the true figure was a bit over 2,000. Moreover that the bodies found were mainly near the site of Oric's genocide. Finally that the massacre claim which originated with our Moslem Nazi ally Izetbegovic had at first ben that none of the 7,500 Srebrenica militia had survived. It is now known that at least 7,000 of them did (& the garrison retroactively increased to 15,000). This must place doubt on whether the alleged massacre of 7000/8000/11000 militia actually happened.

This has been deleted though replies have been allowed to stand. One saying that I was relying on a Serb source. One that whether there are 2,000 or 4,000 bodies doesn't matter.

I replied #7 - that one of the very many sources for the primary massacre was NATO General Marillon who restified to it in the Milosevic "trial" & obviously not a Serb. To the other I pointed out that the discovery of 2 thousand bodies is roughly what one might expect in a genocide of 3870 people but not of 7000-11000. I also asked that if the figure is wrong complaints should be directed at the Scotsman not me.

On checking for further replies I was astonished to see that I had been censored. I have long known that no newspaper, apart from the Morning Star, will publish letters on this but have always considered online comments unlikely to be censored. I have put up this further reply & will see if it lasts.
I very much regret that the Scotsman has decided to censor any factual discussion which would appear to contradict our government line.

This is particularly outrageous when they have the KLA representative Valon, who has previously threatened to kill other posters here & this has not entailed deletion.

Mr Boys is wrong on a number of points & has visibly failed to even mention the primary Srbrenica Massacre, that of 3.870 Serb villagers by our Moslem Nazi ally.

This online censorship is a bad thing for freedom & also, I suggest, for the Scotsman.

It is currently still there. In response to an obvious unanimity between the forensic expert" commenting & the KLA representative I have posted #23
The bodies in Kosovo include at least 210 Serbs & allies buried in a mass grave on Dragodan. This grave, which is in the British sector, was filled after we took over.

Mr Boys may be willing to confirm its existence though he will probably, correctly, point out that it is not "officially" a mass grave but 210 individual graves in the same place. Had it been a masss grave it would, legally have been proof of deliberate genocide by the NATO occupiers & their KLA hirelings.

I think this fully indicates the integrity with which this entire "search for justice" has been carried out.

The Scotsman & indeed virtually the entire British media, except the Herald & the Morning Star have, at all times, censored any mention of this massacre comparable to My Lai.

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