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Sunday, February 18, 2007


This prediction was mentioned by CC Net recently
By 2007 violent storms smash coastal barriers rendering large parts of the Netherlands uninhabitable. Cities like The Hague are abandoned. In California the delta island levees in the Sacramento river area are breached, disrupting the aqueduct system transporting water from north to south.
And by 2010
Between 2010 and 2020 Europe is hardest hit by climatic change with an average annual temperature drop of 6F. Climate in Britain becomes colder and drier as weather patterns begin to resemble Siberia.

· Deaths from war and famine run into the millions until the planet's population is reduced by such an extent the Earth can cope.
· Riots and internal conflict tear apart India, South Africa and Indonesia.

· Access to water becomes a major battleground. The Nile, Danube and Amazon are all mentioned as being high risk.

· A 'significant drop' in the planet's ability to sustain its present population will become apparent over the next 20 years.

· Rich areas like the US and Europe would become 'virtual fortresses' to prevent millions of migrants from entering after being forced from land drowned by sea-level rise or no longer able to grow crops. Waves of boatpeople pose significant problems.
· By 2010 the US and Europe will experience a third more days with peak temperatures above 90F. Climate becomes an 'economic nuisance' as storms, droughts and hot spells create havoc for farmers.

· More than 400m people in subtropical regions at grave risk.

· Europe will face huge internal struggles as it copes with massive numbers of migrants washing up on its shores. Immigrants from Scandinavia seek warmer climes to the south. Southern Europe is beleaguered by refugees from hard-hit countries in Africa.

· Mega-droughts affect the world's major breadbaskets, including America's Midwest, where strong winds bring soil loss.

· China's huge population and food demand make it particularly vulnerable. Bangladesh becomes nearly uninhabitable because of a rising sea level, which contaminates the inland water supplies.

All from the Observer but as long ago as 2004. It is described as coming from the Pentagon but no details are given so I suspect it owes as much to them as Friday the 13th was "based on a true story".

How long can the eco-fascists keep up these scare stories before everybody accepts they are just liars?
Peter Glover has established a new website
The name pretty much says it all. Peter writes that he intends it to be "a one-stop site for all the anti-global warming hysteria articles people might need."

Do you know there was serious traffic congestion at Kloten Airport during the Davos summit meeting about climate change? They could not find parking space for more than 350 private jets, for the climate-concerned people attending. The organizers had to fly people all the way from Munich to Davos in choppers.
(This reminds me of an old joke about Koo Stark, the Argentianian Airforce & Prince Andrew's chopper which need not be repeated)

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