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Friday, February 16, 2007


I must admit I hadn't noticed this conference creeping up. Previously I have gone through the motions on here saying what is wrong & sometimes right, with them.

This conference will be debating:

Community Power - Trust in People

Disability in Scotland

Better Health in Our Communities

Our Vision for Rural Scotland

Early Years

Consultation: The Future of Trident (I am mentioning this because although it is not a motion, very carefully not, it is the most interesting thing there)
Thats it. Now to be fair just before an election is the time for rallying round the flag not discussing what colour it is. Nonetheless this, including the fact that they dare not even make public what the motions say or who is putting them forward (in theory conference is the time for constituencies to have some input by putting forward motions but in actuality they increasingly come from the party central).

However they are a pretty sorry looking uninspiring bunch of titles. Once again, as in both conferences every year since devolition, there is absolutely nothing on the economy, despite the SLD holding the "Enterprise" Ministry. Nothing on jobs, nothing on crime, nothing on transport, nothing on war, nothing on housing, even nothing on greenery.

No wonder nobody joins parties any more - what is there to attract anybody interested in politics?

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