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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


In comments on the Guardian my name is 9percentgrowth, elsewhere it is Neil

Developing Scotland's economy

More letters saying catastrophic warming is bunk


Germany wants to limit free speech in the name of anti-Nazism

Brainwashing children

Germany in the EU

Tories in Scotland

A lie to call Yugoslavia a totalitarian military dictatorship strangely enough the paper didn't publish my paper letter on this.


Cinton stands

Corporation Tax


India in Space

Comparative growth,,1996549,00.html

Debate with on Albanian Nazi - this is a good one.

Scots in Space


Scots economy


Energy crisis

Separate separation

Monbiot lied,,2001694,00.html



Supporting Hamas


BBC Luddite propaganda

Guardian on warming

IPCC Report isn't the Report

£100 off our council tax

Gore up for the Nobel

Sir David King says,,2005608,00.html


Eco-fascist liars

Cutting business tax

South Africa

Israel's separate development




Nuclear's future

Those who supported Blair in war crimes,,2007297,00.html

Bjorn Lomberg


Another Guardian Pro-Nazi Article on Kosovo
Scotland & growth

Pylons are useless
Government waste


Putin speaks for the rule of law



Death in Kosovo &

Putin's speech

Forth crossing

My very first comment on Neil Clark's blog:

"There can be no peace or coexistence between Islamic faith and non-Islamic faith and institutions... The Islamic movement must and can take power as soon as it is morally and numerically strong enough, not only to destroy the non-Islamic power, but to build up a new Islamic one...": -late Islamist Fascist SDA Bosnian party leader, Alija Izetbegovic from his book, "Islamic Declaration".

"Genocide is a natural phenomenon, in harmony with the societal and mythologically divine nature. Genocide is not only permitted, it is also recommended, even commanded by the word of the Almighty, whenever it is useful for the survival or the restoration of the kingdom of the chosen nation, or for the preservation and spreading of its one and only correct faith." --late Croatian neo-Ustasha Nazi President Franjo Tudjman, from his book, "Wastelands of Historical Reality".

First of all let me introduce myself. I am an anti-fascist/anti-Nazi freelance writer and researcher who is half Jewish (on my mother's side).My mother's entire family was murdered by European Nazis during WW2.My mother was almost starved to death in a WW2 Nazi concentration camp.

I have studied the Yugoslav conflict quite extensively for nearly 16 years as well as WW2 history of Yugoslavia and have reams of documented evidence in my possession relating to the key political players in the lead up to the outbreak of war in June 1991 both in Yugoslavia and the West.

Based on my own independent research and original documentation I have viewed over the last 16 years, I have no hesitation in saying that the REAL war criminals are Western politicians like Kohl, Genscher, Schroeder, Kinkel, Fischer, Ruehe, Blair,Cook,Short,Robertson,Solana,
Clark,Holbrooke et al, whom supported the REAL genocidal Balkan Nazis:

People like Tudjman,Izetbegovic, and the fascist heroin drug running, child sex slavery racketeering KLA thugs of Thaci,Ceku,Haradinaj and Demaci: people proud of their Nazi and fascist beliefs and backgrounds; people who had no qualms about putting into print their PUBLIC admiration of the genocidal policies of Adolf Hitler, Hajj Amin al Husseini and Ante Pavelic years before the outbreak of war in June 1991.

For a background on Franjo Tudjman and his resurrection of the WW2 Croatian genocidal Ustasha responsible for the murders of between 750,000 to 1.2 million Serbs, Jews and Gypsies, see below:

Hiding Genocide:Croatia has resumed its "liquidation" of Serbs, while arguing that "ethnic cleansing" is a Serbian creation...


For Serbians, Fears of a German Axis Rise For The Third Time This Century

Croatia,at a Key Strategic Crossroad, Builds Militarily and Geographically

The BBC, over the last 17 years, has covered up all of these Balkan Nazis' specific intentions to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing PRIOR to the outbreak of war in Yugoslavia in June 1991. The BBC instead of appraising the public of the facts, deliberately and sytematically LIED through their teeth about Milosevic's specifically tolerant and pro-multi-ethnic, pro-multicultural speech at the "Field Of the Blackbirds" in June 1989.

Naturally of the above being done to cover up Germany's role in instigating the war back in 1988 wh
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