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Saturday, February 03, 2007


The media are full of it - the release of the IPCC repord on Global Warming. In fact what has been released is the Summary for Policymakers. This is being described by David Minibrain & others as "another nail in the coffin of the climate change deniers" & the debate is "now over" - where have I heard that before - could it have been last week or continuously for the last 10 years. Yes I think it could.

So lets try to take this seriously. Firstly the IPCC have reduced, yet again, their estimate of sea level rise by 2100 from between 9 & 17 inches. This is "catastrophic"? Will we be seeing the BBC apologising for claiming most of Norfolk under water in 19 years? The obvious answer is No in both cases. 10 years ago these same media were cheerfully predicting rises of anything up to 300 feet.

Secondly what is carefully not being reported is that this is not actually the latest "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report" - this is the Summary for Policymakers. The real report won't be out till May because the science isn't done yet. Fortunately they are able to promise that the completed report will confirm to this - this being the sort of science where the results are known before the research is finished.

And those were some of the more tame circus acts.

Al Gore was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar for his global warming alarmism. Paris officials announced that the Eiffel Tower would shutdown its 20,000 flashing light bulbs and go dark for five minutes on the eve of the release of the UN report.{note that since France is 85% nuclear & 15% hydro switching off the Eiffel Tower for 5 minutes has absolutely no effect on release of CO2 it is pure showbiz & obviously the French government know this- Neil} The National Football League announced that it would plant 3,000 trees to offset carbon dioxide emissions caused by this week's Super Bowl. A California state legislator introduced a bill to ban regular (incandescent) light bulbs and to mandate fluorescent lighting in homes and businesses by 2012. The bill is called the "How Many Legislators Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb Act."

These hijinks also extended into the science community.

First, the UN isn't releasing its full report this week just the curiously edited Summary for Policy Makers. The detailed report on the science won't be issued until May or so because it's not finished.

If you're wondering how the UN can issue a summary of a report that's not even finished, fear not. The UN has announced that changes to the full report shall be made "to ensure consistency with the Summary for Policy Makers." The UN process is akin to shooting first and asking questions later - is the exact opposite of the traditional scientific method....

The unanimity with which this is being reported by the MSM would be funny if it were not yet more proof of how easily & continuously we are lied to.

You said: 'France is 85% nuclear & 15% hydro' and then implied that switching off the light bulbs of the Eiffel Tower for 5 mins would have no impact on the release of CO2 emissions.

Well there is always one isn't there. France actually generates 11% of it's electricity from conventional thermal sources. Still, you're not exactly known for factual accuracy, most climate change deniers are much the same.
Amazingly Grant, since you couldn't provide a link, ( )
you have a point.

So long as we ignore the fact that so much of French power is exported to those countries foolish enough to display anti-nuclear credentials & willing to pay France to provide them with it that the exports comfortable exceed their conventional generation.

In terms of use France produces 110% of the power it uses by nuclear & hydro.

Which I think reinforces my point that switching off the Tower for 5 minutes was not a serious or even trivial way of saving CO2 but pure spin.
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