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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This isn't getting the coverage releasing that German terrorist got. It should - it is a severe threat to freedom of speech anywhere in the world.
A German court on Thursday convicted far-right activist Ernst Zundel and sentenced him to five years in prison for Holocaust denial in a case that underlined Germany's determination to prosecute people who claim the Nazis didn't murder six million Jews.

The 67-year-old Zundel, who was deported from Canada in 2005, was convicted on 14 counts of inciting hatred for years of anti-Semitic activities, including contributing to a Web site devoted to denying the Holocaust — a crime in Germany.

Zundel showed no emotion when Judge Ulrich Meinerzhagen read the verdict, only nodding occasionally.

Zundel, who has also lived in Tennessee, and his supporters argued that he was a peaceful campaigner being denied his right to free speech.

His attorney, Ludwig Bock, said he would appeal.

"What is notable is the iron-hard refusal of the court to allow consideration of new scientific findings or expert opinions," Bock said.

Prosecutors in Germany were able to bring charges because the Web site is accessible there.

Bock accused the Mannheim state court of not wanting to face a "scientific analysis" of the Holocaust and charged that prosecutors — one of whom has termed Zundel a "rat catcher" — had defamed his client.....

Born in Germany in 1939, Zundel emigrated to Canada in 1958 and lived in Toronto and Montreal until 2001. Canadian officials twice rejected his attempts to obtain Canadian citizenship, and he moved to Pigeon Forge, Tenn., until he was deported to Canada in 2003 for alleged immigration violations.

Mannheim prosecutors were able to open a case against Zundel because his Holocaust-denying Web site is available in Germany.

In February 2005, a Canadian judge ruled that Zundel's activities were not only a threat to national security, but "the international community of nations" as well.

A Canadian law, passed after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States, allows the government to hold terrorism suspects without charge, based on secret evidence that does not have to be disclosed to a suspect or his defense.

Zundel was deported a few days later.
We are very close to deporting & imprisoning people for saying that the Srebrenica massacre was faked (it was) or that we don't face catastrophic global warming (we don't). Particularly chilling is the refusal to look at the contrary evidence (I believe the evidence for the disappearance of millions of Polish Jews is overwhelming but that is not the point). We are seeing an example of truth being not what the facts say but what government says. Everywhere.

Comment from: DRA Canada [Member] ·

I have followed the Zundel case for the last several years, and in this
particular circumstance, justice is being fairly... if not lightly served.

When Mr. Zundel started spewing hatred in our neck of the woods, we politely
kicked his neo-Nazi, Hitler- loving ass out of the country, but not without
first giving the man a 'fair' trial in a court of law.

Remember, in any 'civilized' nation (where the rule of law prevails) free
speech can never be seen as a license to promote hatred and intolerance of
others, regardless of how much we hate or dislike them.

Ciao for now,

Steven Palmer ~DRA Advocate
British Columbia, Canada
02/16/07 @ 07:18
"free speech can never be seen as a license to promote hatred and intolerance of
others": what a tit you must be.
So why wasn't the late Fascist neo-Ustasha Nazi Croatian President Franjo Tudjman imprisoned by Germany or the EU for denying the Holocaust?

The German/EU backed late Croatian pro-Ustasha Nazi Hitler loving president, Franjo Tudjman - whom wrote in his 1989 Croatian version of Mein Kampf:

"Wastelands of Historical Truth", the following:

"The establishment of Hitler's New Order could be justified by the need to be rid of the Jews, as well as to correct the French-British sin of the (post WW1) Versailles setup" and "Genocidal violence is a natural phenomenon in harmony with the societal and mythologically Divine nature. Genocide is not only permitted it is also recommended ,whenever it is useful for the survival or the restoration of the earthly kingdom of the chosen nation, or for the preservation and spreading of its one and only correct faith".

Germany and the EU had an entire decade - from late 1988 to late 1999 - to bring Tudjman to trial for denying the Holocaust and for making openly pro-genocidal Hitler & Pavelic praising speeches in Croatia.

Instead, Germany and the EU PROMOTED Tudjman as a "Western oriented liberal democrat" and DELIBERATELY covered up his PUBLIC COMMITMENT TO GENOCIDE.

On top of that, Germany and the German dominated EU, in collusion with the United States Administration of Bill Clinton, ARMED and TRAINED Tudjman's neo-Ustasha troops ASSISTING TUDJMAN IN HIS DELIBERATE RACIST NAZI POLICY OF GENOCIDE AND ETHNIC CLEANSING of 500,000 Serbian civilians in the Krajina province from May 1990 to November 1995.



One of the most sinister changes was that every identified Serb in Croatia was issued with a new identity card which incorporated the figure 3 as the eighth figure in the identity number. The figure 3 thus became the Croatian equivalent for Serbs as Nazi Germany’s Star of David was for all Jews residing in countries dominated by Germany. When the time came for ethnic cleansing to start, the figure 3 would ensure no Serb would escape."


For a background on Franjo Tudjman and his resurrection of the WW2 Croatian genocidal Ustasha responsible for the murders of between 750,000 to 1.2 million Serbs, Jews and Gypsies, see below:

Hiding Genocide:Croatia has resumed its "liquidation" of Serbs, while arguing that "ethnic cleansing" is a Serbian creation...


For Serbians, Fears of a German Axis Rise For The Third Time This Century

T.W. Carr

Croatia,at a Key Strategic Crossroad, Builds Militarily and Geographically

So now, whomsoever refutes or otherwise disagrees with Germany's and the EU's pro-Nazi views of the 1990's Balkans conflicts will be subject to imprisonment whilst mass murderers like the late Alija Izetbegovic's Islamist Nazi warlord, Naser Oric, get freed after 3 years by the NATO owned Hague ICTY for MURDERING OVER 3,800 CIVILIANS INCLUDING CHILDREN and KLA genocidal killers & child sex slavery racketeers like Ramush Haradinaj, Agim Ceku and Hashim Thaci GET INVITED TO WASHINGTON & PAID BY THE UNITED NATIONS AS THE "KOSOVO PROTECTION CORPS" TO ETHNICALLY CLEANSE 350,000 SERBS,JEWS AND GYPSIES AND BRUTALLY MURDER 6,000 MORE.

Kohl, Genscher, Kinkel, Ruehe, Schroeder, Fischer, Blair, Robertson, Cook, Short, Clinton, Albright, Lake, Berger, Holbrooke, Clark et al should all have been committed to stand trial for knowingly assisting in neo-Nazi Genocide and Crimes against Humanity, then sentenced to death by hanging.That goes for acessories after the fact: the racist pro-Nazi obscenities in the form of the so-called "judges" and "prosecutors" like Del Ponte, May, Bonomy, Kwon, Nice, Richardson, Kirk-McDonald et al, at NATO's travesty of justice: the "ICTY" Hague "war crimes tribunal" Stalinist show trials.
Zundel is a clown. The more pish he talks the less likely he is to make converts. Still, like his wee chum Irving, it's fun to see third-rate scholars and knowing liars banged up too. Irving in particular is a real doozie. First he tries to make a bit of cash by taking a libel action against Penguin Books and gets a right good going over from Prof Richard Evans (see 'In Defence of History' for an account of Irving's 'mistranslations', editing of sources, omissions and distortions). Then, totally discredited as an historian, Irving has to suck up to the Jew-hating right by trying to martyr himself in Austria to attract donations. If this is the consequence of totally free speech let's have more of it!
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