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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Last night, the BBC broadcast what can only be described as a hagiography of the deeply religious Tone (BBC2 9pm).

In the section on Kosovo they claimed that Milosevic had had a policy of ethnic cleansing before NATO attacked & that the movement of an alleged 1 1/2 million refugees preceded the NATO attack & was the reason for it. In fact the refugees came afterwards & was certainly caused by NATO's attack. Apart from many statements by Albanian refugees that their motivations were a mixture of not wanting to be bombed, not wanting to be on ground zero during a projected invasion, & the KLa upping their terrorism & ordering them out, the fact that a larger proportion of the Serb than of the Albanian population left (though obviously to Serbia) proves that there was no programme of ethnic cleansing, at least by Yugoslavia.

The BBC have quite deliberately told the complete & exact opposite of the truth & thereby proved themselves a wholly dishonest corrupt & genuinely pro-Nazi racist organization whose DG is not fit to lick the boots of pseudo fascists like Mr Griffin.

This BBC link isn't actually to the programme but to what they said during the war. Same fascist lies though.

Rum, isn't it? I guess that many people must have been like me, ignoring Bosnia because it was none of our business, but watching Kosovo since it was all too likely that we'd go to war over it. So we did notice that the flight from Kosovo occurred after the bombing started, and we did notice that the stuff about the murder of 100,000 Kosovan Albanians turned out to have been lies.
That was my observation too, the exodus occurred after the NATO bombing campaign started.

I seem to recall there had been a large number of Albanaian refugees entering Kosovo and Italy after the collapse of the Albanian stock market scam.
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