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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"We've got to try and make the environment and climate change uplifting and fun and interesting ..."

Says David Cameron

Well it made me laugh ;-)

Methinks he is at last realising that popular though Greenery may be with the media spinmeisters (from among whom he is drawn) & political nannies generally it is playing increasingly badly with real people.

"Some of his attempts to prove his environmental credentials have backfired,such as when it was revealed that his chauffeur drove behind with his briefcase and a change of clothes when he cycled to work.

Neil, now that IS funny!

Clearly poor old Mr. Cameron's heart really isn't in it(the catastrophic warming I mean, not the cycling).

Oh well, at least he probably looks trendy riding a bike dressed in skin-tight lycra.

Does Cameron shave his legs too or is he not that "trendy"?
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