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Thursday, January 18, 2007


From the Daily Record
GUESTS at a £300-a-head climate change conference turned up in a stream of gasguzzling sports cars and 4x4s.

Former US vice president Al Gore was the main speaker at yesterday's event in the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.

While the meeting was to address global warming, business leaders turned up in a range of flash motors including Bentleys, Jeeps and Porsches.

One onlooker said: "This was for a conference on how to save the planet.

It would appear the irony was lost on them."

At the same time the Scotsman reports reports how our beloved leaders are using our rather more beloved tax monry to pay to show Mr Gore's film to every schoolkid in Scotland. If his film were anything other rhan a totally unbiased assessment of the risks of catastrophicgloball warming then this would be an outrageous abuse of these children to force political propaganda on them. Fortunately we are assured this is not so & according to Ross Finnie
He dismissed any suggestion that the film was political propaganda, saying there was firm evidence of climate change and that anyone disputing it "has got to be on planet Mars".

(On a previous occasion in reply to a letter of mine in the Herald Scottish Renewables rep compared my views to believing in a super-villain conspiracy in favour of windmills - a clear reference to the fact that I run a science fiction book & comic shop - if only though my former membership of the party it is likely Mr Finnie knows the same so his Mars reference may include me)

So, assuming Finnie & co are not lying, when Gore says in the film that there is a complete consensus on warming he must be telling the truth. He isn't
Gore was wrong in 1992 when he wrote that 98 percent of scientists agreed with him on global warming. Witness the survey cited above.

Now he is wrong when he argues in his movie that there is a complete consensus on global warming today. As proof Gore cites a 2004 study that looked at 928 climate abstracts and found none that refuted global-warming dogma. That says more about the researcher than the scientific community.

There are a number of well-known scientists who don't believe that global warming is human-induced, or who believe that if it is, it is not catastrophic. Hurricane expert William Gray of Colorado State University believes the Earth will start to cool within 10 years. Neil Frank, former director of the National Hurricane Center, told the Washington Post that global warming is "a hoax." Climate scientist Robert Lindzen of MIT believes that clouds and water vapor will counteract greenhouse-gas emissions.

There is also the matter of the Oregon Petition of 17,000 scientists who say CO2 increase is likely to be, on balance, beneficial. If Gore, Finnie & co are telling the truth these people have become unpersons.

The connection between this sort of propaganda & the sort the Nazis produced can be seen by the fact that Gore, as Clinton's vice president, went along with him entirely on all the various openly racist & indeed Nazi lies about the Bosnian Moslem leader an openly genocidal (ex-)Nazi being the democratic multi-culturalist victim of the Serbs whose genocide he & Clinton & Gore were participating in.

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