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Sunday, January 28, 2007


On January 19th I attempted to poston the Guardian's comments online & found I had been forbidden access. It turns out that has been restored & indeed the restoration has lasted a few days so far. I don't know if somebody passed on my statement or what.

I am therefore putting up links to items I have commented on. I am registered as 9percentgrowth if anybody wants to see my words of wisdom.

Comparative growth,,1996549,00.html


Sunbsidy anybody?,,1999791,00.html


Two distinct possibilities:

a) some cad at the pro-Nazi Guardian saw your post and decided to give you a fair,even,"break".

b) Your posts that are still visible and haven't been removed are due to the fact that they aren't anywhere near as direct in rightly pointing the blame at the mainstream media's support - especially the Guardian's - whitewashing and coverup of Croatian Tudjman Ustasha Nazism, Bosnian Izetbegovic Islamofascism & Thaci/Ceku/Haradinaj narco-Mafia/Gangsterism & Islamist Nazism.

Based on the evidence over the last 17 years of the Guardian's so-called "reporting" on the Balkans, I think (b) is the more likely, logical & scientifically accurate choice.

Nathan Pearlstein exposes the Western media lies about ex-Yugoslavia on IsraPundit

Yours truly exposes the Western media lies about ex-Yugoslavia on IsraPundit

Here's a scientifically sound experiment to test my hypothesis and from which one can glean empirical evidence on the Guardian's censorship practices with respect to the ex-Yugoslavia topic.

Try and post some excerpts from - or merely summarize - the following article and see if it gets posted (and more importantly, STAYS posted)

Lies the London Guardian told me....or, The Return of Villainy
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