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Monday, January 22, 2007


This is an opininon poll. from Reform & is one of a whole range of polls from them.

All of them repay reading, even though, I am a bit suspicious that their results seem to show a large majority fot the rightist policies they push.

Nonetheless the particular point about this one is that it shows Scotland to be more receptive than the rest of the UK:

If taxes are cut the economy will grow faster, which will mean higher living standards AND more money available for public services
Total 62%
Male 61%
Female 63%
SE 55%
Midlands 65%
North 61%
Wales 65%
Con 69%
Lab 56%
LibDem 59%
Other 70%
None 66%

Also 57% of scots against 53% across the UK agree with this statement a lot. Which makes Scotland, if only marginally, more likely to support corporation tax cuts, than the average while on most other Left/Right issues we are about 2% to the Left (at the last election Blair got 36% of the UK vote & 39% of Scotland's). There goes the myth that Scots are inherently all socialists. I regret to note that, of all the parties the Lib Dems are least likely to agree with this statement which is classic liberalism. As an anecdote I once got told in a pub by a strong Labour supporter who was annoyed that in the coalition the Lib Dems had been able to take credit for the Executive cutting business rates - clearly, like many, his party allegiance was more tribal than fully understood ideology.

This poll took place in 2003 (later Reform polls have an unfortunate tendency not to show separate results for Scotland) & it is very likely that the, with more discussion & the SNP endorsement, such cuts are considerably more popular than they were then.

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