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Thursday, January 25, 2007


This from John Redwood's blog:
For once when I asked the government a written question I received an answer.

I asked “How much carbon dioxide is put into the atmosphere each day ,and what proportion is from human sources”

The answer stated “The amount of carbon dioxide emitted from human sources is small in comparison to natural flows:at around 3% emitted from the land and oceans to the atmosphere”

The Minister also told me “In 2004 the UK emitted approximately 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per day “(I think from human sources). This compares with the “25 billion tonnes emitted each year globally” from human sources and the total emissions of 800 billion tonnes from all sources.
So despite some incoherent grammer we have official confirmation that man made CO2 is only 3% of the total. Since CO2 in total is accepted as not being the only cause of warming the phrase & that CO2 increase in total comes to only 1/10.000th of theatmosphere "storm in a teacup" seems appropriate. The catastrophic warming theory cannot be sustained on such a small base.

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