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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The Grauniad has an article from Michael Moore (Lib Dem shadow Foreign Sec & an unrepentent supporter of illegal wars & genocide) on how we should bring about the "independence" of Kosovo.
For most people in Kosovo that has to mean independence, supervised or otherwise. And once announced, they will be watching carefully to see that the European Union and the United States do not blink in the face of Serbian and Russian hostility. We must make sure of that here in Britain as well.
I have put up a comment & follow up
A very carefully constructed article from Mr Moore.

No mention of the 350,000 Serbs, Gypsies, Jews etc ethnically cleansed under out rule. No mention of the genocide of 6,000 people under our rule. No mention of the way we still allow our KLA allies to kidnap thousands of schoolgirls to sell to western brothels. He needn't worry reporting of this doesn't make it to the BBC or MSM either. No mention that half of Kosovo had a multiethnic majority before we cleansed it (& obviously these people would not want to be delivered to a regime of racist drug dealers).

No mention that the claims made by all party leaders, including his own, about Milsoevic's genocide have been proven to be total racist lies. No mention that the largest mass grave in Kosovo was of the 210 Serbs etc. in the Dragodan mass grave in the UK sector filled under our, not Milosevic's rule (to be fair this is not an official mass grave but merely 210 separate graves all in the same place - to continue being fair only a wholly corrupt "court" & NATO cold make that distinction. Again no worries - we can rely on our media to wholly censor the existence of such massacres - this is not America of the time of My Lai.

No mention that not only in the occupation agreement did we undertake to respect the sovereignty of Yugoslavia but that it was also part of our most solemn guarantee in the Helsinki Treaty. No mention that it has thus been impossible for any UK or NATO politician with the most remote shred of integrity or decency to have supported our pro-Nazi government over the last 17 years.

No mention that the KLA now the NATO police are a gang of genocidal Nazi thugs, drug dealers, pimps & ex-secret police torturers mostly not from Kosovo but from Albania, Berlin & New York. No mention that our government knew exactly what they were up to when, in furtherence of The War In Support of Terror (TWIST) they armed & organised these genocidal Nazis.

Fortunately we can rely on the BBC, ITN & MSM (firmly including the Guardian) to exercise similar censorship.

Amazingly has it not only not yet been removed but the vast majority of comments, even in this openly pro-Nazi Guardian have been very supportive of the Serb case.

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