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Saturday, December 02, 2006


This is a rather silly piece I did as a comment on a Scotsman story. We have all seen the use of a letter or article dated many years ahead delineating a future history in which something wonderful or dreadful happened shortly after today's date & made the future world. The Scotsman article is based on the, to my mind somewhat unlikely, premise that a new Forth crossing following the 2007 election was the saving of our entire economy. I took up the idea & extended it. I have slightly edited.
A significant factor in what is now called the 2nd Enlightenemnt was the unexpected & catalytic effect on all parties of the vote for the 9% Growth Party in the 2007 election which cemented in place the SNP's comitment to corporation tax cuts & Jack McConnell's words in the same direction while encouraging the SNP to drop their opposition to nuclear power. The Forth tunnel was a useful bonus adding to the massive housebuilding boom following the relaxation of building restrictions. These & other progressive technology projects led to Scotland achieving one of the higher growth rates in the world & now in 2020 gives Scotland a GNP triple what she had before the 2007 election.

Kirsty & Scots generally are gracious in their acceptance of the gratitude of the rest of Britain for providing the role model which is now also leading them to prosperity Though the New Scottish Socialist Party & United ESP are agreed that it is all a plot by the wealthy.

Tonight she will again try to persuade her mother to consider emigrating to the 2nd British Isles L5 Space Settlement when it is opened to non-industrial habitation in 3 years. Her doctor advises that with her heart condition the low gravity should extend her life by up to 30 years, & make an active life even easier. By that time he is certain the worldwide reseach effort coordinated at the University of Islay will have been able to reverse aging.

{Might as well aim high & no individual part of this is that difficult}

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