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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


British investigators believe that Alexander Litvinenko’s killers used more than $10 million of polonium-210 to poison him. Preliminary findings from the post mortem examination on the former KGB spy suggest that he was given more than ten times the lethal dose.
Police do not know why the assassins used so much of the polonium-210, and are investigating whether the poison was part of a consignment to be sold on the black market.

They believe that whoever orchestrated the plot knew of its effects, but are unsure whether the massive amount was used to send a message — it made it easier for British scientists to detect — or is evidence of a clumsy operation. IN FULL

Does this not make it quite obvious that this was not an assassination attempt against Litvinenko but a mishandling of material by him & his compatriots involved in a much larger conspiracy presumably against Russia? Does it not also make it look very much like the Polonium was provided free by some government, probably ours?

"Does this not make it quite obvious...?" No. Nothing about this case is at all obvious.
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Fair point Dearieme I may have overstated. I should have said I think my assumptions fit such facts as we know much better than the MSM story but as you point out nothing fits well.

This comment had some typographical errors in the URL web addresses which I have now corrected - I deleted the old comment.I have also included a couple of URLs which further corroborate and reinforce the evidence of Milosevic's innocence and NATO's clear guilt for his murder - and further, I have added a URL which debunks "Fil2"'s and the Guardian's ridiculous claims concerning who was the most guilty party for "ethnic cleansing".
(My contribution to the Channel 4 forum on Litvinenko's poisoning.Here I focus on one contributor under the call sign "Fil2". My post was censored by Channel 4 because it contained "one or more trigger words"(this is the explanation/excuse given for refusing publication of this post).
This kind of behavior on the part of Channel 4 "moderators" is in the best traditions of George Orwell's 1984 "Ministry of Truth")

Fil2 says:

And I quote:

Serbian war crimes:-,,514609,00.html

"It doesn't require an invasion, just a power hungry despot determined not to let his little empire break up."

WRONG. The Guardian has a track record of CONTINUAL LYING - making accusations without a shred of proof. There was no "empire" run by Milosevic, since the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was run primarily by Croats & Slovenes (as well as to a lesser extent, Albanians and Macedonians).

"The Serbian government have admitted that these things happened and apologised."

MORE LIES & twisting of the facts in order to somehow "prove" Milosevic's alleged "guilt" by the US/NATO governments.The Washington puppet regime in Serbia installed after an ILLEGAL palace coup in October 2000 has been specifically instructed what to say and what NOT to say by the US & NATO governments, otherwise all financial aid will be cut off and sanctions re-imposed and its leaders demonized and tarred in the media just like Milosevic was.

"Some of Milosevic'c lieutenants have been sentenced..."

Sentenced by who, exactly? The corrupt NATO owned ICTY at The Hague, Netherlands, which it has been proven several times over the last 5 years of being guilty of LYING about unexplained deaths in custody and allowing the testimony of witnesses whom were TORTURED or BRIBED (or both) in order to FALSELY implicate Slobodan Milosevic?
Ex-Security Chief testifies he was tortured to Lie

Is this the very same Hague ICTY that lets mass murderers go free because they slaughtered Serbs and were backed by the US & NATO?

NATO owned Hague ICTY frees Izetbegovic's Srebrenica massacre commander, Naser Oric

Here's why the ICTY acts this way: the so-called 'judges' and 'prosecutors' both work on the same side of the bench (what a unique and novel form of international "justice"!!)

As noted above, NATO officials have admitted that the ICTY BELONGS to NATO on numerous occasions.To recall evidence of this, see:

Ex-Clinton administration Secretary of Hate (oops, I meant State), Meddlin Halfbright (aka Madeleine Albright), is called "the mother of the 'Tribunal'" by those anti-Yugoslav/anti-Serbian pundits in the liberal/left corporate media.

Clinton's bogus 'peace envoy', Richard Holbrooke, called the ICTY "a very valuable tool", "...and we used it to justify everything that followed".


Or do you mean "sentenced" by the Washington-run puppet regime in Serbia? Again, does this constitute actual PROOF of guilt? Only in a medieval "star chamber" does sentencing someone by such biased parties constitute "proof". Where is the actual EVIDENCE? I challenge you to provide it.

See here for more info about the BBC's and Guardian's lies about Milosevic and the Serbs

" at least pleaded guilty."

The Australian version of the BBC known as the ABC or "Aunty" has a track record for bias and outright LYING as bad as the BBC and almost as shockingly bad as the Guardian.

You neglected to include the miost crucial part in the story you cited on the ABC's website, where the reporter casually informs us towards the end of the report, that: "In return, the prosecutors say they've dropped all the other charges pending against her. This has fuelled speculation that she's struck a deal with the court."

Let's remind ourselves what kind of a "court" the Hague ICTY really is by examining its track record:

"In March 2002 Paddy Ashdown appeared as a prosecution witness in the trial of Slobodan Milosevic. He gave evidence about his four day visit to Kosovo in 1998 and claimed he was a witness to atrocities allegedly carried out by the Yugoslav Army. He claimed he had witnessed these events from a position above the village of Gegaj in Albania overlooking Kosovo. But when he was told that from his observation point it was impossible to observe the area he claimed he changed his story and said in fact he was somewhere else!

After it was proved in court that Ashdown could not possibly have seen anything from the position he had previously claimed, above the Albanian village of Gegaj, he supplied the court with grid co-ordinates different from his original testimony, and these new co-ordinates put him inside Kosovo and not in Albania. That contradicted his March 2002 testimony.

Moreover, on the map the prosecution supplied to try and verify Ashdown's testimony the village of Gegaj had been moved! When challenged on this point the prosecution reluctantly admitted it may be a faulty map! With such a witness and such a prosecution only the worst bigots could possibly see the Hague Tribunal as other than a kangeroo court and the worst example of "victors justice" - victors, indeed, in an illegal war."

"Mr Milosevic said two British lawyers appointed to defend him represented the court and he refused to meet them. Mr Milosevic, who has heart trouble, tried again to defend himself. But the presiding judge, Patrick Robinson, cut off Mr Milosevic's microphone when the former Yugoslav president denounced his court-appointed defence as
"a legal fiction". "I don't want to hear the same tired refrain," Judge Robinson said.

(This is not the kind of biased remark any civilised court would accept from a judge. Mr Milosevic is rightly complaining here of the gross illegality, something of which this kangaroo court - the kind of "special court" specifically outlawed in international law - should daily be reminded.)

See here also for evidence of what kind of "court" the Hague ICTY really is:>THE JUDGE AS PROSECUTOR: TWO DAYS AT THE "TRIAL" OF SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC

For more info on the "confession" of Biljana Plavsic and the deal she struck with the NATO owned Hague ICTY, see here:
"A Rare Glimpse at the Reality of the Bosnian War"

"If Bush is responsible for Abu Graib them Milosevic must take ultimate responsibility for the abuses that happened under his leadership. Simple."

WRONG. Bush would only be "responsible" IF he had actually ORDERED the abuses at Abu Ghraib. However, regardless of whether one supports the war or not, Bush is - under international law - still clearly guilty of invading a sovereign country without UN approval under the pretext of a FALSE threat (the imminent threat of weapons of mass destruction being able to be launched against the continental United States)

"Once again rifampcin is an anti-biotic of low toxicity. Didn't you bother to read the link? If it's untraceable it's untraceable and they wouldn't have found any evidence of it in Milosevic's body."

WRONG.The anti-Leprosy drug "Rifampicine" BECOMES untracable AFTER several days it has stopped being administered.

The Hague ICTY doctors/toxicologists are on record as stating this after Milosevic's death - where they admitted that Rifampicine was detected in Milosevic's blood in a routine test on January 12, 2006 but kept it SECRET from Milosevic, his lawyers, doctors and the world's public for TWO MONTHS!!

Milosevic received the report of the Rifampicine poisoning on March 7,2006, which was just 4 days before his death.

See The Murder of Slobodan Milosevic

The fact is that Rifampicine BLOCKS the effects of heart/blood pressure medication as it DISRUPTS the medication's effectiveness by PREVENTING it from reaching the liver and causing it go round and around in the blood supply instead.

"A Cunning Way to Kill a man that needs no expertise"

The Hague ICTY doctors are on record saying that Milosevic was clearly poisoned by Rifampicine, but they claim that he was poisoning himself with it over several years(or months, take your pick) WITHOUT them knowing about it (clearly ludicrous since EVERYONE was searched -including Milosevic- and all his visitors, and his cell was under constant 24 hour surveillance with all drugs administered by the prison dispensary in the presence of armed guards!).

What is even more damning is that the Hague ICTY was exposed by a Dutch newspaper in November 2002 as having given Milosevic the WRONG medicine over an extended period of time, causing his blood pressure to rise rapidly to dangerous levels and incredibly, the Hague ICTY denied that mistakes were made - and then claimed they didn't want to discuss it as they were concerned about the "privacy of the defendant"!!

The Hague Gives Slobodan Milosevic the Wrong Medicine!
Dutch paper "NRC Handelsblad" exposes Milosevic drug poisoning by Hague ICTY(entitled "Appeal Against the Imposition of counsel Heard")

Here is an extract:

"Disturbingly, the medical reports show that the drugs prescribed are not in his blood stream at as high a level as they should be. The reports also show the presence of other drugs that have not been prescribed. This can mean one of only two things; either the medical reports are fabricated, or somebody in the detention unit is manipulating his therapeutic regime by giving him the wrong medicine.

On November 23, 2002 the Dutch paper NRC Handelsblad reported in a story entitled “Milosevic Kreeg Verkeerd Medicijn ” that the Tribunal had given him the wrong medicine. Their report said, “In the Scheveningen prison Slobodan Milosevic was given the wrong medicine, causing his blood pressure to rise very quickly. This was why at the beginning of this month the trial against the former president of Yugoslavia was suspended. Sources within the tribunal have confirmed this. However a spokesman for the Tribunal denies that mistakes were made. He refuses to discuss the issue further on grounds that ‘This is about the privacy of the defendant.’”

"Milosevic was guilty."

Oh really, Fil2? Guilty of WHAT,exactly?
Where is your ACTUAL DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE (apart from accusations and assertions made by the Guardian,BBC,ITN,CNN et al,The Hague ICTY and US/NATO governments?)

"Guilty as a weasel in a hen house and not poisoned."

Okay, Fil2, can you please tell me, did you stop violently beating your wife and former girlfriends? Just answer "YES" or "NO"!
Please don't attempt to deny it,Fil2, as it will only confirm your obvious guilt in the eyes of the whole world. I mean its common knowledge that you did beat them. Everyone knows about it, so do us all a favour and just confess your guilt!
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