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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Further Herald letter today on airport costs. This time about the proposal put forward by ULTra which seems to be suffering from Not Invented Here Syndrome in the Scottish Office.
Regarding the cost of airport rail links: the Strathclyde Public Transport Executive has been given a proposal for a monorail connecting Glasgow Airport to Paisley Gilmour Street. For onward travel to Central, this has the disadvantage over a direct rail link that travellers obviously have to change at Paisley, but because there are so many trains from there it should, including average waiting times, take no longer. It would also have the great advantage of making travel to Prestwick Airport, on the same line, quick and convenient. This would give both airports many of the benefits of a hub airport. Unlike the rail link currently costed at £210m, this would cost £20m.
A yet more inexpensive link to Paisley, St James, helpfully situated at the end of the runway, has also been suggested.
Neil Craig, 200 Woodlands Road, Glasgow.
I have tried to get letters mentioning this published a few times but this is the first to be used. It is so frustrating to see the Executive insisting on spending £210 million when they know they could get something in some ways better for £20 M.

In the unlikely event that this happens I will take some pride in my role is pushing it.

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