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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


From the Times not from Scottish papers or broadcasters
POLICE are investigating an apparent attempt to kill a son of Mohammad Sarwar, the Labour MP, in revenge for the politician’s role in bringing the racist murderers of a white schoolboy to justice.
Senior officers believe associates of three Asians, jailed for life last week for the murder of Kriss Donald, 15, blew up a BMW in the car park of the family’s cash-and-carry business.

The attack took place five days before the men were brought back to Britain from Pakistan, and the BMW was similar to the one owned by Sarwar’s eldest son, Athif, 28.

An earlier plot to kidnap the MP’s youngest son, Anas, 23, was foiled by detectives, and anonymous death threats were routinely made to the MP’s home and mobile phone. His constituency office in south Glasgow was vandalised.

Sarwar, the MP for Glasgow Central, was instrumental in bringing the killers to justice
So if this is true & while I don't have a high opinion of the media I can't see the Times making it up, why is this not reported?

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