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Monday, October 02, 2006


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Neil craig writes here

"The Moslem section of this "nation" was set up by an ex-auxiliary of Hitler's SS publicly commited to the genocide of all non-Moslem communities."

Neil Craig has obviously thoroughly done his research and is NOT making himself "look like an idiot" as the writer known as "me", above, ridiculously claims.

"me" is confusing the Bosnian Islamist Nazi leader, Alija Izetbegovic - whom died in 2003 - with the WW2 Croatian "Ustasha" Fuehrer, Ante Pavelic - whom died in 1959 in Madrid, Spain (protected from 1945 onwards by the Vatican, the American OSS, and British intelligence).

Izetbegovic wrote his manifesto, in 1969/1970, entitled the "Islamic Declaration" (republished in Sarajevo in 1990 when Izetbegovic illegally usurped power from the duly ELECTED Bosnian muslim leader, Mr. Fikret Abdic). Izetbegovic reiterated his Islamist fundamentalist and racist Nazi views in a visit to the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist state of Iran in 1991 - a year before war broke out in 1992.

Izetbegovic expresses in this book his public intention in a very thinly veiled way, to commit ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Orthodox Christian Serbs.

Here is a sample of Izetbegovic's writings:

""It is not in fact possible for there to be any peace or coexistence between ‘the Islamic Religion’ and non-Islamic social and political institutions…"

"…the most important thing that the Qur’an recommends is: all of Islam; everything else is nothing more than a detail and explanation of this central idea. This aspect of Islam contains the principle of the Islamic Order, which is to say the union of religion and politics, but it also has other consequences of a primordial practical importance, of which the first is the impossibility of confusing the Islamic Order with the non-Islamic systems.

…There is no secular principle, and the State must be for Muslims the scrupulous expression of the moral and conceptual pillar of the religion."

In a section of his book entitled, "The Relations Of The Islamic Society With Other Societies," our philosopher quotes the Qur'an. These quotes are presented as fully self-explanatory, and are neither preceded nor followed by qualification or comment:

"Oh Prophet, incite the believers to combat. If there can be found among you twenty who will endure, they will vanquish two hundred, if one hundred can be found, they will vanquish a thousand infidels, because they are people such as cannot understand."

Why must infidels be slaughtered? Because "they are people such as cannot understand." That is, they must be killed for their beliefs.


Incidentally, Izetbegovic was a major recruiter for the 20,000 plus strong 13th SS "Handzar" Nazi division from early 1943 via the "Young Muslims" fundamentalist Islamist organization.

Izetbegovic actually carried through his threats against the Serbs from 1992 to 1995: cleansing over a million civilian Serbs from Bosnia Herzegovina and murdering approximately 20,000 more via his Islamist troops like Islamist warlord, Mr. Naser Oric, whom personally was responsible for killing at least 3,870 Serbian civilians in Srebrenica and Gorazde.

Izetbegovic, according to UN investigations which have been suppressed by NATO governments and media, was responsible for ordering ALL of the Sarajevo bread queue and market place massacres.

Naser Oric as an Islamist Nazi terrorist troop commander taking orders from Izetbegovic -according to testiumony under oath by French UN general Phillipe Morillon at the late Milosevic's "trial" - got the punishment he was expecting from the NATO owned Hague ICTY "war crimes tribunal" earlier this year in 2006: a very "harsh" TWO year sentence for killing several thousand unarmed Serbian civilians.

Whilst Bosnian Serbian parliamentarian Momcilo Krajisnik on the other hand - whom unlike Naser Oric, had NO proven connection whatsoever to any war crime - got a 27 year sentence instead. Go figure.

Christian Jennings writes here:

"...the Serb half of the country, known as Republika Srpska or RS, is making ominous rumblings that it will secede from the Muslim-Croat Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina."


"This could inflame regional ethnic tensions and lead to a rise in Serb nationalism."

According to Mr. Jennings, "ominous rumblings" and "inflame regional ethnic tensions" appears to exclusively apply to the Serbs and Serbs alone.

When Izetbegovic's "Muslim National Council" made EXPLICIT THREATS OF GENOCIDE against the entire Bosnian Serbian population in October 1991 - well BEFORE war broke out - via their Bosnian muslim magazine called "Vox", the Serbs of Bosnia were given the choice of accepting being turned into second class citizens and "dhimmitude" in an Islamist fundamentalist Bosnian state with close links to the Islamist terrorist state of Iran - or else be EXTERMINATED.

In October 1991, Izetbegovic's MNC defined its political platform - in no uncertain terms. Here are some samples:

"The day is nearing when the announced Islamic Republic of Bosnia and
Herzegovina will be proclaimed. The date, which every Muslim in
Bosnia-Herzegovina and Sandzak [Raska in Serbia] is ardently waiting for has been
known for a long time to be the 31st December.There are some
indications that the Serbs might oppose this historic event...Every
individual Serb must be aware of the responsibility of the entire
nation, the penalty for crimes will be collective-for one dead Muslim
one hundred Serbs will be liquidated-for one wounded Muslim (depending on
the wound severity) 10-50 Serbs will be executed [ibid].

The document further elaborates how the Serbs would be treated in the
Islamic Republic:

"All Serbs will have a 12-hour working day. The wages will be
proportionate to the loyalty of all employees and as a rule they will be
paid 30 percent less than the wages of Muslims whom occupy the same post
... Serbs will receive rations for food, which they will obtain in
special shops. Serbs do not have national parties and if they do not
abide by the rules of political life, they will not be entitled to
political organization or to vote..Serbs are equal to Muslims if, of
their own will, they are received into the Islamic faith of their
forefathers...A good Serb is a living and obedient Serb or a DEAD DISOBEDIENT
SERB [ibid].

Above can be read in full here:
IsraPundit article:

NATO Fights the Jihadis

Filed under: Front Page, Islam, USA, EU

written by Daniel Pipes:

When he was secretary of state, Colin Powell once called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ‘the greatest and most successful alliance in history.” It’s hard to argue with that description, for NATO so successfully waged and won the Cold War, it didn’t even have to fight.

But this greatest alliance is now in the throes of what José María Aznar, the former prime minister of Spain between 1996 and 2004, calls “possibly the greatest and most serious crisis in its entire history.” A “climate of perpetual crisis,” he writes, results from a perceived loss “of the organization’s raison d’être, the lack of a mission.”

The origins of this crisis are simple to explain. From its founding in 1949 until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, NATO served as the main instrument to contain Soviet expansionism. After vanquishing the Soviet threat, its mission changed. In the 1990s, NATO became a vehicle for voluntarily sending forces to promote regional security in places like Bosnia and Kosovo.


“In the 1990s, NATO became a vehicle for voluntarily sending forces to promote regional security in places like Bosnia and Kosovo.”

Read: In the 1990s, NATO became a vehicle for voluntarily promoting racist neo-Ustasha Nazi and Islamist Fascist terrorism, genocide and ethnic cleansing against Orthodox Christian Serbs and Jews in places like Croatia/Krajina, Bosnia and Kosovo via NATO’s promotion and protection of SELF-CONFESSED murderous genocidal Islamist terrorist fanatics, anti-Semites and Adolph Hitler/Ante Pavelic admiring Fascist racists like Franjo Tudjman,Alija Izetbegovic,Naser Oric,Hashim Thaci,Agim Ceku and Ramush Haradinaj et al.

Comment by Peter Robert North — October 4, 2006 @ 11:24 pm
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