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Sunday, September 24, 2006


The Points section (1 paragraph letters) of the Scotsman had a couple of letters on the Lib Dem conference & why they should support the SNP in a referendum on independence & 1 on broccoli. This is the latter letter & the follow up comments
Broccoli When I was a wee lassie (I am now 78) broccoli mercifully didn't seem to exist. We had cauliflower, cabbage, neeps, but no broccoli. So when did this green menace creep on to our vegetable shelves? I have never liked it, but would occasionally cook it for my reluctant family on the basis that it is "good for you". However, I can now happily ignore it and blame it on the genes.

Isobel Robertson Dundee

1. Kenny G / 2:10am 23 Sep 2006 Does anybody care that Isobel doesn't like broccoli?

2. Duncan, Newington, Edinburgh / 10:28am 23 Sep 2006 Kenny, I hope you'll join me in calling for Isobel to write in again and tell us her views on carrots, sweetcorn and onions. Perhaps in a later series she can move on to the more exotic ranges - artichokes, butternut squash, the sweet potato? I'll bet these crazy foods weren't even invented when she was a wee lassie! Whit a world we live in!

3. Rod, Edinburgh / 10:54am 23 Sep 2006 #1 "Does anybody care that Isobel doesn't like broccoli?"

Yes, I do 'cos I don't like it either. Anyway, how can any right thinking person eat something with a name more aking to a disease or skin condition?

4. Tabman / 2:59pm 23 Sep 2006 Rod.
What? Like artichoke?

5. Frank, Preston / 3:47pm 23 Sep 2006 Are not the Lib-Dems a unionist party?
Why on earth would they wish to join in a coalition with The Separatist party who have only one policy?

6. Neil, 9% GROWTH Party / 6:26pm 23 Sep 2006 "I have never liked it, but would occasionally cook it for my reluctant family on the basis that it is "good for you".

Isobel my advice is that if you & all the members of your family don't like it then don't eat it. Ignore Jack McConnell when he decideds to introduce broccoli subsidies & social worker inspectors to come round & check how much broccoli you are eating. Eat your other greens in public places if you wish - enjoying your food is much better for you than doing what politicos who know no more than you say is good for you.

The same applies to entering pacts & voting for referenda you don't like.

7. Duncan, Newington, Edinburgh / 7:26pm 23 Sep 2006 Neil, I find your attitude to vegetables very refreshing in the current political climate, and despite disagreeing with you about broccoli I would like to hear more. Do you have a pamphlet or a newsletter to which I could subscribe?

8. Graham / 11:04pm 23 Sep 2006 I like to hide broccoli inside Big Macs for my children. I also dry it and mix it with their packets of tobacco so they get plenty of iron in their spliffs.

Some things just work.

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