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Monday, September 18, 2006

a Classic Liberal for 9% GROWTH

I have started up a new blog for the Classic Liberals for 9% GROWTH Party which currently consists of me, an ex-Lib Dem called Andy Nimmo, a couple of others & a significant list of people interested enough to give me their emails. It is my intention to stand for next May's Scottish election on a pro-growth, pro-nuclear, pro-progress agenda. If seven people have said they want to stand for Labour deputy leader I think my chances of winning a Scottish seat must be better than most of their's.

Since that site is for publicity for stuff relevant to the Scottish election I will be concentrating on that rather than the more personal stuff here. I will also not feel the same obligation I have here to put up all non-offensive posts (though I would be willing to engage in an online debate with, say, the Lib Dems if they were prepared to allow it to be equally posted on their site - consider that an offer Norman).

At the very least I intend to put such things as improving our abysmal economic performance, vis a vis Ireland etc, that nuclear is the cheapest, most reliable method of generating significant power & that without it we WILL have massive blackouts & that, rather than banning everything government would be more usefully employed encouraging technological innovation by X-Prizes all on the political agenda.

Perhaps somebody will come up with some sensible reason why people shouldn't vote for that but I doubt it. Whether that means there will be a significant number actually interested in improving our country is a different matter.

Classic Liberals for 9% GROWTH Party

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