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Monday, September 25, 2006


On April 12 1999, a huge haul of arms and ammunition, destined for the KLA,
was found in the Italian port of Ancona aboard trucks leased by Caritas.
[11] The cargo had officially been declared as a German Caritas humanitarian
aid shipment for Kosovo refugees. [12] The trucks were loaded at the Caritas
center in Sarajevo. [13]

The customs officials, who searched the trucks, found 30 tons of war
material, including anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, rocket launchers
and machine guns. [14]

Most of the arms were of Russian or East European origin, but many bore NATO
markings. More than 1,000 mortars said to have been "stolen" from a NATO
arsenal in Germany were found onboard the trucks. [15]

There was some legitimate humanitarian aid onboard the trucks, but it was of
poor quality, much of the food had already passed its expiration date. [16]

Italian customs officials arrested three drivers, Robert Buellesbach, Sead
Klakar, and Drasco Kovacevic. [17]

The Italian authorities claimed that Buellesbach had links to German
intelligence. [18] On that basis one could speculate that he's the one who
"stole" the mortars from the German NATO base.

The 15-meter-long trucks had been rebuilt to transport illegal cargo. [19]
One truck was fitted with a double floor, while another one had a secret
closet behind the driver's cabin big enough for six people [20].

Italian authorities said that the arms were destined for a training camp of
the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Scutari in northern Albania. [21]

The name of the consignee on the export documents, was one Father Luciano
Augustino, a parish priest in Scutari. [22]

General Alberto D'Amico, the military commander in charge of customs for the
region that includes Ancona, confirmed claims by Italian security sources
that it was impossible that British and American intelligence could have
been unaware of the smuggling. [23]

A NATO spokesman said that while the Alliance had no contact with the KLA.
"Some individual countries which are member countries of NATO may have some
contacts. Of course that is not a guarantee that such things are not
happening, smuggling and so on." [24]

Caritas denied that it had any role in the arms smuggling. It issued a
statement saying, "These trucks are not from Caritas, even if the logo (on
the trucks) is the same." [25]


The trucks were leased by Caritas, and loaded at the Caritas center in
Sarajevo, and we're supposed to believe Caritas when it says that it had
nothing to do with this? Just like were supposed to believe that somebody
managed to walk onto a German NATO instillation and steal over 1,000

The conclusion is obvious. The Vatican was using its Caritas "charity" to
provide a cover for NATO, or at least German, arms smuggling to the KLA.
They may also have provided Iran, the world's leading terrorist state, with
the same cover in Bosnia when Omerbasic led the Caritas convoy to Vitez.

The Vatican's goals are the same now as they were when Stepinac founded the
Croatian branch of Caritas, and had it forcibly convert Serb inmates held in
Croatian concentration camps to Roman Catholicism.

Pope John Paul II, rather than distancing the Catholic Church from Stepinac,
did the opposite. The Pope beatified Stepinac on October 3, 1998. [26]

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I have decided to repost this story (the original article contains more) here because in a Google search for it I had considerable difficulty finding it, moreso than previously.

Notwithstanding the Scotland on Sunday report (in 1999) it is quite obvious that the fact that the Catholic Church was caught red handed smuggling guns, mortars & anti-aircraft missiles to Moslem terrorists, recognised at the time as terrorists & openly proclaiming their commitment to genocide, is a matter that is being deleted from history. Whether this also proves that NATO were deliberately supplying the weapons is one of only 2 possibilities. The only alternate theory being that a crack Vatican commando squad broke into a NATO base & carried off tons of weaponry without anybody noticeing.

I think this is an important matter which goes to the heart of the question of whether either, or both, NATO & the Papacy are wholly corrupt racist & Nazi organisations, or jointly controlled by such people (eg the Bilderburgers). It should not be allowed to disappear.

The bit at the end about God's self-styled representative on earth knowingly supporting the genocide of the WW2 & current Croatian Nazi regimes should also be recognised.

Hi Neil,

Well done on re-posting this.
For more on German EU/US-NATO "liberal" and "social democratic" government support for these genocidal Croatian Ustasha Nazis and Bosnian Izetbegovic Islamist SDA terrorist Fascists (favourites of Norman Fraser of the SLD, the Guardian, ITN, BBC & CNN); Balkan Nazis and Islamist Fascists who indisputably, publicly and brazenly announced their commitment to an anti-Serbian genocide with their own writings and statements on television and in print many years before the anti-Serbian genocide actually took place (and well before before war "officialy" broke out in Yugoslavia in June 1991), see

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