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Thursday, August 03, 2006


I am pleased to have had this letter, comparing Israel's war with NATO's in the Herald today. I suspect that its publication may owe something to the PS which I am leaving in. I hope you will allow me to bask in my fame of the moment before putting up the 2 unpublished letters tomorrow. To be fair to the Herald they did not edit anything out of the letter & it is very critical of the media. In fact they actually separated out the 3 sentences which origianlly made up 1 paragraph into 3 separate paragraphs thus making it considerably better & hard hitting.
May I commend Chris Walker on his amusing letter about the hypocrisy of present condemnations of Israel following our flying bombs to Saddam Hussein, back when he was our friendly "strong leader" (like Pakistan's now) & the remarkable failure of the media to report it?

May I also remind you that it is only a few years since planes were taking off from Britain to deliver bombs, including cluster bombs to Yugoslav cities & indeed hospitals, without the inconvenience of landing?

This was done not to oppose terrorism but to support a KLA whom the US government had said were terrorists & according to Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, were engaged in genocide.

It is noticeable that many politicians (Jack Straw, Ming Campbell, Clare Short, Nicol Stephen etc.) who are loudest in calling the Jews self defence a "war crime" were among the most enthusiastic supporters of bombing civilians then. The remarkable failure of our media to accuse the governments involved then of war crimes or to report the subsequent non-existence of the mass graves, on which that war was sold, or the subsequent genocide carried out under NATO rule should be a matter of shame.
Yours Faithfully
Neil Craig
PS This will be the 3rd letter I have sent you in a week. Let us hope this one meets the Herald's exacting literary standards.


WELL DONE, once again!!! Excellent achievement.I think you should be a regular contributor to IsraPundit. Your writing is very hard hitting and brutally honest.

Its really a terrible shame that there is nobody in the British media with as much integrity and honesty as you have repeatedly proven yourself to possess time and again with your factually based letters to the Western press and your critically important posts on this blog.



I think its worth pinting out to RandyTexas that Clinton's support for the Islamist sundamentalist terrorist Izetbegovic and the Ustasha Nazi Tudjman goes back years BEFORE the Monica Lewinsky scandal (e.g. Clinton called for the bombing of Serbia and the Bosnian Serbs back in 1992 whilst George Herbert Walker Bush -Bush Snr - was still president!).

The US, under Bush Snr, (through US ambassador to the original Yugoslav federation, Mr.Warren Zimmerman) destroyed the Cutileiro Lisbon agreement in February 1992 BEFORE the outbreak of war in Bosnia between Karadzic, Izetbegovic and Boban, for a cantonized Bosnia similar to the Swiss confederation model).It is reported according to reliable sources that Zimmerman, on behalf of Bush Snr, told Izetbegovic of the Cutilero plan:

"If you don't like it, why sign it?"

and then Zimmerman proceeded to assure Izetbegovic that US recognition of his Islamist fundamentalist Nazi regime would follow (which the US did on April 6,1992: the very same day Hitler bombed Belgrade 51 years earlier on April 6, 1941! A coincidence? I doubt it.)

The US, under Clinton, also torpedoed ALL of the possible EC/EU and UN peace agreements brokered by Cyrus Vance, Lord Owen, Thorvald Stoltenberg, Carl Bildt, etc, etc.

So it is obvious that the US's support from as early as 1992 for the Bosnian Islamist fundamentalist terrorists and Croatian Ustasha Nazis had begun much EARLIER than the Monica Lewisnsky scandal (which occurred during 1998) when it illegally recognized Izetbegovic and Tudjman's secessionist governments in early 1992

It gets worse: even 3 years prior to that in 1989, the Bush Snr administration, through the 1990 Foreign Appropriations Act FORCED the original Yugoslav federation - through the threatened cutting off of ALL crucial US financial aid and credits - to acquiesce and allow the support of the secessionist extremist parties to gain a foothold through the 1990 multi-party elections which invariably led to the Slovenians under Kucan and the Croatians under Tudjman -by armed terrorist actions against 18 year old conscripts and their barracks in the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) thus forcing the illegal break-up of the Yugoslav federation.

Bush Snr - through the UN - also forced the imposition of draconian
UN economic sanctions against Serbia-Montenegro in late May 1992, after the Izetbegovic STAGED "Sarajevo Markale marketplace bread queue massacre" (Bodansky notes that the explosives and expertise used in this staged massacre were supplied by Hezbollah) and Bush Snr again strengthened US isolation of Serbia by tighteneing those UN sanctions even further - Bush Snr's remarkable decision to in effect declare economic war on Serbia on behalf of the Izetbegovic Bosnian Islamist terrorists occurring a mere 20 MINUTES(!!)AFTER the FAKED "Trnopolje Bosnian death camp" images (remember the lone skinny muslim guy, Fikret Alic, SMILING in FRONT OF a chicken wire fence?)broadcast by the British ITN station and aired in the US - with a total reversal of Bush Snr's foreign policy occurring a mere 20 minutes later?! (Momma, pinch me I must be dreaming.Is Bodansky's one eyed stupid giant portrayal of US foreign policy accurate here or not?)

RandyTexas is obviously NOT aware of ANY of the above. It would be worth mentioning the above to RandyTexas in your comments on IsraPundit.
Evidence Mounts that Kana "Massacre" Was a Fake
We are hearing -- everywhere -- condemnation of Israel for the deaths of Lebanese civilians in the current conflict. For example, the British daily the Independent rages against “Israel’s savagery against the civilian population.”[2] The Jews are monsters, says the Independent. This position is very common.

And yet, it is the Hezbollah terrorists who wish to destroy the Israeli civilian population, the Hezbollah terrorists who attacked, and the Hezbollah terrorists who hide among Lebanese civilians while firing at Israeli civilians, thus drawing Israeli fire against ordinary Lebanese. It is Hezbollah that hates and murders civilians, whether these be Israeli or Lebanese.

Consider the analysis provided by the Canadian Major-General Lewis Mackenzie (ret.). According to the Ottawa Citizen,

[Quote from Ottawa Citizen begins here]

“Just last week, Maj. Hess-von Kruedener [a Canadian member of UNIFIL, the UN troops in southern Lebanon] wrote an e-mail about his experiences after nine months in the area, words Maj.-Gen. MacKenzie said are an obvious allusion to Hezbollah tactics.

‘What I can tell you is this,’ he wrote in an e-mail to CTV dated July 18. ‘We have on a daily basis had numerous occasions where our position has come under direct or indirect fire from both (Israeli) artillery and aerial bombing.

‘The closest artillery has landed within 2 meters (sic) of our position and the closest 1000 lb aerial bomb has landed 100 meters (sic) from our patrol base. This has not been deliberate targeting, but rather due to tactical necessity.’

[HIR emphasis]

Those words, particularly the last sentence, are not-so-veiled language indicating Israeli strikes were aimed at Hezbollah targets near the post, said Maj.-Gen. MacKenzie.

‘What that means is, in plain English, 'We’ve got Hezbollah fighters running around in our [United Nations] positions, taking our positions here and then using us for shields and then engaging the (Israeli Defence Forces),'’ he said.

That would mean Hezbollah was purposely setting up near the UN post, he added. It’s a tactic Maj.-Gen. MacKenzie, who was the first UN commander in Sarajevo during the Bosnia civil war [Bosnia was an administrative unit of the former Yugoslavia, and Sarajevo was its capital], said he’s seen in past international missions: Aside from UN posts, fighters would set up near hospitals, mosques and orphanages.”

[Quote from Ottawa Citizen ends here]

Does MacKenzie know what he is talking about? I think he does. MacKenzie was “the first UN commander in Sarajevo,” as Bosnia was being torn apart by three-way civil wars between Bosnian Muslims, Croats, and Serbs in the 1990s. When MacKenzie says that fighters would set up near UN posts, hospitals, mosques and orphanages, he is describing the tactics used by the Bosnian Muslim faction led by Alija Izetbegovic, which controlled Sarajevo. This is relevant because, like Hezbollah, Alija Izetbegovic was an Islamist terrorist backed by Iran, so MacKenzie is familiar with the tactics of Iranian-backed Muslim movements.

Aija Izetbegovic was also supported by NATO. Western officials, together with the Western media, represented Izetbegovic to the world as a supposed multicultural democrat fighting for tolerance and human rights, defending a plural society against the supposedly racist and genocidal Serbs. In reality, as Izetbegovic publicly explained in perfectly plain language in his own book Islamic Declaration (or Islamic Manifesto), his objective was to exterminate non-Muslims in Bosnia and turn it into a totalitarian terrorist-Islamist state modeled after Iran.[3] Izetbegovic murdered Muslim civilians, too, if they happened not to agree with him, and there were many of these because Izetbegovic in fact had minority support among them.[4] The media representation of Izetbegovic as the leader of supposed victims was assisted by the tactics that MacKenzie describes, which attracted enemy fire to Muslim civilians, whose deaths were then immorally blamed on the Serbs -- the same Serbs who had not started the fight and who were defending themselves from a genocidal attack.[5] As MacKenzie has correctly stated, the enemies of the Serbs had the entire Western public relations machinery working for them, and the Serbs did not.[6]

As “the first UN commander in Sarajevo,” MacKenzie got to see what Alija Izetbegovic and his followers were like up close and personal, and he explained to the world that the media representation of the Serbs as the supposed bad guys was propagandistic (HIR has several demonstrations showing that the accusations against the Serbs were fraudulent[7]). Not-coincidentally, “Maj.-Gen. MacKenzie is regarded as having been more sympathetic to Serbs than his successors.”[8]

MacKenzie was a huge embarrassment to NATO’s demonization of the Serbs. In 1993 the Toronto Star reported that “Maj.-Gen. Lewis MacKenzie...has been warned by his military superiors to keep his political views to himself,”[9] and later MacKenzie was accused of joining with the Serbs in the supposed rapes of Bosnian Muslim women, for which no evidence was ever provided (either in MacKenzie’s case or that of the Serbs).[10] Mackenzie was removed and replaced with his more ‘appropriately’ Serbophobic successors. This does not mean that MacKenzie was entirely unaffected by the NATO and media propaganda, but he was certainly skeptical, and he spoke his mind about what he saw in Bosnia, and then also about the NATO failure to prove its case in Kosovo (HIR has since shown that NATO was unable to produce even one body of an Albanian civilian murdered by the Serbs in Kosovo[11]).


See below for official United States government House Congressional bills describing so-called "human rights NGO" Amnesty International, and its shameless support during the late 1980's and early 1990's of a Croatian Ustasha (HSP/HOS party) Nazi mass murdering death squad commander, Mr. Dobrosav Paraga, by declaring him a "prisoner of conscience"!(Amnesty is supposedly a "human rights group"?!Pinch me momma, I must be dreaming!)

Mr.Paraga was of course in the early 1990's the leader of the extreme-right wing Nazi Fascist Ustasha H.S.P./H.O.S.("Croatian Party of Rights" and its armed wing, the "Croatian Armed Forces", i.e.,H.O.S). For more info on Paraga,


Even the notoriously pro-Croatian Ustasha Nazi Wikipedia moderators had to admit that:

"The [HOS] party militia became very noticeable for its use of black uniforms and Ustasha insignia, while Paraga himself advocated creation of Croatia that would include Bosnia and Herzegovina and large sections of today's Serbia and Montenegro.

In late 1992, in an interview with Croatian reporters from the Split based "Feral Tribune" paper, Paraga said:

"We adhere to the principles laid down by Ante Pavelic, [Croatian WW2 Ustasha Fuehrer or "Poglavnik"] and we carry on his work".

Paraga in the same interview also said:

"Pavelic and the Ustashe were really too liberal. If they had finished what they had set out to do[i.e. exterminate all the Serbs and Jews] Croatia wouldn't be having the problems we have today"

What's even worse is that the US Congressional Bill implies that the Yugoslav government was behind the death of a Croatian Jewish student - also implying that this Croatian Jewish student was supposedly an associate of Paraga.What a blatant Ustasha Nazi like Paraga would be doing cavorting with Jews isn't explained.

AND if that wasn't bad enough, see below for US Congress House of Representatives Bills passed in October/November 1990 (for the following year,1991) authorizing the dismemberment of the original socialsit Yugoslav federation through the cancellation of ALL financial aid, loans/credits to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia but allowing direct aid to each of the secessionist republics run by Nazis and Islamist Fascists instead. There's your NATO Western supposedly democratic governments with supposedly "liberal humanitarian values" giving support to the most extremist Balkan Nazis publicly committed to genocide.Go figure.

H.R.5114 (House of Representatives of the US Congress, House Resolution #5114)
Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 1991 (Public Print)


Sec. 599M. None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available pursuant to this Act shall be obligated or expended to provide any direct assistance to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia : Provided, That for purposes of this section, the prohibition on obligation or expenditures shall include direct loans, credits, insurance, and guarantees of the Export-Import Bank of the United States or its agents: Provided further, That the Secretary of the Treasury shall instruct the United States Executive Director of each international financial institution to use the voice and vote of the United States to oppose any assistance of the respective institution to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia : Provided further, That this section shall not apply if substantially all of the assistance provided to any program, project, or activity is used in a Yugoslav Republic which has held free and fair elections and which is not engaged in the systematic abuse of human rights: Provided further, That this section shall not apply to assistance intended to support democratic parties or movements, emergency or humanitarian assistance, or the furtherance of human rights: Provided further, That this section shall not apply if the Secretary of State certifies to the Congress that the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is in compliance with the obligations of the Helsinki Accords.

"...That U.S. leaders have consciously sought to dismember Yugoslavia is not a matter of speculation but of public record. In November 1990, the Bush administration pressured Congress into passing the 1991 Foreign Operations Appropriations Act, which provided that any part of Yugoslavia failing to declare independence within six months would lose U.S. financial support. The law demanded separate elections in each of the six Yugoslav republics, and mandated U.S. State Department approval of both election procedures and results as a condition for any future aid. Aid would go only to the separate republics, not to the Yugoslav government, and only to those forces whom Washington defined as "democratic," meaning right-wing, free-market, separatist parties".

Whereas Dobroslav Paraga, who has twice been adopted as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International, has endured hardship for openly calling on the Yugoslav Government to honor... (Introduced in House)



1st Session

H. RES. 240

Supporting the efforts of Dobroslav Paraga to bring about increased respect for human rights in Yugoslavia.


September 19, 1989
Mr. BROOMFIELD submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs


Supporting the efforts of Dobroslav Paraga to bring about increased respect for human rights in Yugoslavia .

Whereas Dobroslav Paraga, who has twice been adopted as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International, has endured hardship for openly calling on the Yugoslav Government to honor its commitments under the Helsinki Accords to respect the fundamental human rights of all the citizens of Yugoslavia ;

Whereas Dobroslav Paraga has been tried on three occasions by Yugoslav courts, the initial charge being that, in 1980, he, along with a Jewish Croatian student, Ernest Brajder, authored a petition opposing torture in Yugoslavia and calling for the release of political prisoners;

Whereas, as a result, both men were arrested and, three days later, Ernest Brajder died under what the Department of State calls `mysterious circumstances';

Whereas, in 1986, Mr. Paraga sued the Government of Yugoslavia for injuries, both physical and psychological, inflicted on him by prison authorities during his imprisonment;

Whereas the regime and court in Zagreb denied him a fair and just trial, an account of which was set forth in the Department of State's annual Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 1987;

Whereas the Yugoslav Government forbade Mr. Paraga in 1987 to speak out publicly in any way about his experiences as a political prisoner;

Whereas, in violation of that order of silence, Dobroslav Paraga has come to the West to speak out about human rights abuses in Yugoslavia ; and

Whereas, upon his return to Yugoslavia , Dobroslav Paraga risks imprisonment again because of his open criticism of the Yugoslav Government's human rights abuses: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that--

(1) the Government of Yugoslavia , in recognition of the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, should guarantee its citizens fundamental human rights and freedoms;

(2) the Yugoslav Government should grant unconditional amnesty to all political prisoners;

(3) the Government of Yugoslavia should dismiss the charges currently pending against human rights activist Dobroslav Paraga, allow him and his family to return to their home in Croatia, and end all forms of harassment against him and his family; and

(4) The Government of Yugoslavia should conduct an investigation into the death of Ernest Brajder, who, according to the Department of State, died under `mysterious circumstances', and should make its findings public.

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