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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Letter to the Indie on file from 4th July. To nobody's surprise the Indie decided that they are indeed racists. Not only did they not publish the letter (perhaps a little robust for their taste) but they allowed no other letter or editorial statement as correction. Meanwhile the Indie, from its self described "liberal & independent" stance keeps on its lying racist Nazi diatribes against Israel for doing far less than these scum cheered for a few years ago.
Today you decided to publish a letter quite gratuitously using the name of Slobodan Milosevic a man whom the editor must know to someone "to whom any from of racism is anathema" as an example of somebody who might commit war crimes such as dropping explosives on them & cutting off electricity.

As you know perfectly well not only did he do no such thing but it was the genocidal racists running NATO who did so.

Indeed people such as Scottish Lib Dem leader Nicol Stephen have gone on record to say that for Israel to attack a power station is a war crime when he is perfectly well aware, blond aryan that he is, that his party very actively supported not merely that war crime against Yugoslavia but far far worse ones such as ethnic cleansing, child sex enslavement & genocide in Kosovo under NATO's authority.

Clearly it is absolutely impossible for anybody who supported any such war crimes, even the minor ones like attacking power stations to oppose Israel on remotely humanitarian grounds. Their opposition must be purely anti-semitism. In the case of those who supported the War To Help The KLA Commit Genocide this is unsurprising since they are already proven Nazis.

While not everyone will entirely agree with what I have said anyone who checks the facts will accept that it is factually indisputable. On the day on which the man who committed the Srebrenica massacre, Naser Oric was released as a fine upstanding representative of NATO & Nazism generally it would be impossible for any newspaper which was not out & out pro Nazi to fail to publish letters putting both sides.
Yours Faithfully
Neil Craig
PS Considering the last sentence I look forward to the Independent, if a non-racist paper publishing this or if not, not.

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