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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Letter to the Indie on file from 4th July. To nobody's surprise the Indie decided that they are indeed racists. Not only did they not publish the letter (perhaps a little robust for their taste) but they allowed no other letter or editorial statement as correction. Meanwhile the Indie, from its self described "liberal & independent" stance keeps on its lying racist Nazi diatribes against Israel for doing far less than these scum cheered for a few years ago.
Today you decided to publish a letter quite gratuitously using the name of Slobodan Milosevic a man whom the editor must know to someone "to whom any from of racism is anathema" as an example of somebody who might commit war crimes such as dropping explosives on them & cutting off electricity.

As you know perfectly well not only did he do no such thing but it was the genocidal racists running NATO who did so.

Indeed people such as Scottish Lib Dem leader Nicol Stephen have gone on record to say that for Israel to attack a power station is a war crime when he is perfectly well aware, blond aryan that he is, that his party very actively supported not merely that war crime against Yugoslavia but far far worse ones such as ethnic cleansing, child sex enslavement & genocide in Kosovo under NATO's authority.

Clearly it is absolutely impossible for anybody who supported any such war crimes, even the minor ones like attacking power stations to oppose Israel on remotely humanitarian grounds. Their opposition must be purely anti-semitism. In the case of those who supported the War To Help The KLA Commit Genocide this is unsurprising since they are already proven Nazis.

While not everyone will entirely agree with what I have said anyone who checks the facts will accept that it is factually indisputable. On the day on which the man who committed the Srebrenica massacre, Naser Oric was released as a fine upstanding representative of NATO & Nazism generally it would be impossible for any newspaper which was not out & out pro Nazi to fail to publish letters putting both sides.
Yours Faithfully
Neil Craig
PS Considering the last sentence I look forward to the Independent, if a non-racist paper publishing this or if not, not.


Great letter. Well done. I'm not surprised they refused to be exposed as the racist liars they really are by publishing your letter. I wasn't aware that the Indie is almost as bad as the Guardian.

Where is Mr. Norman - "I refuse to answer my easily proven lies on this blog even though it makes me look incredibly stupid" - Fraser, to defend the Independent's pro-Nazi NATO & anti-Israel views now?

Talk about another Norman Fraser example of:

"Oh dear,thanks to Neil Craig making me look like a fool, I must cut and run again, chaps!"



incidentally the 11th anniversary of the August 4, 1995 Krajina Holocaust perpetrated by Clinton and Tudjman's Ustasha Nazis is almost here.

Unlike the massive hyping by the Western media over the deaths of Izetbegovic's & Oric's Islamist troops in combat against Karadzic's & Mladic's Serbs in Srebrenica, what is the bet that not ONE major TV news media outlet in the UK, Australia and the US will commemorate/mention the killing of 14 to 20 Thousand Serbs and the expulsion of 275 to 350 Thousand more?

What's the bet that ANY letter that you or I would write to the papers in the next couple of days - exposing this Western "liberal democracy"/NATO backed Genocide - will also NOT get published.

Looks like Orwell was 22 years early with his warnings.

Concerning the article, "Evidence Mounts that Kana 'Massacre' Was a Fake",
we need to go back to Sarajevo from 1992 to 1995 for a reminder of where Hizbollah first used this technique of self-inflicted terrorism against its own citizens and how it provided its expertise to the Izetbegovic Islamists in staging all of the so-called "Sarajevo marketplace massacres".

Now you know where and how the Western media propaganda barrage the Israelis have to put up with on a daily basis was first developed and honed to a fine art by the Islamist Hizbollah terrorists.

Izetbegovic, being a devout Islamist fundamentalist whom believed in Islamist Jihad style terrorism to achieve his goals of a fundamentalist Islamic Bosnia based on medieval muslim Sharia law, indeed was clearly responsible as the subsequent investigations by Canadian,French and Russian artillery ballistics experts confirmed in their reports. That includes the following "Markale II" Sarajevo marketplace massacre in August 1995 which led to the Clinton ordered NATO bombing of the Bosnian Serbs. Go figure.

According to the US State Department and even the notoriously anti-Serbian NATO owned Hague ICTY (NATO itself has amitted it controls it), the figure of TOTAL civilian AND military deaths in Bosnia for the 3 and a half year war in Bosnia was 94 to 102 thousand,with civilian deaths evenly distributed amongst each of the three ethnic/religious groups and proportiantely more Bosnian muslim MILITARY personnel dead; since they were inferior fighters to the better disciplined and trained Serbs (NOT because they didn't have any weapons for self defense which is a total media crock of you know what).

As far as the so called "Sarajevo bread queue massacre in May, 1992 featured in the photo on the front page of the film review "Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War" by Joshua Tanzer, and the February 1994 Sarajevo Markale marketplace massacre,confidential United Nations reports from 1996 (which were of course blocked by Clinton's people at the UN headquarters in New York -especially the phony Jewess, Madeleine Albright - better known as Meddlin' Halfbright - for obvious reasons), conclusively blame the Izetbegovic Islamists for the massacre.

According to UN officials at the highest levels,revealed by veteran former New York Times reporter, David Binder, Izetbegovic ordered ALL of the Sarajevo market massacres to generate Western public sympathy and to instigate Western NATO military intervention against the Bosnian Serbs. According to Yossef Bodansky of the US Congressional Republican Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, the explosives,training and expertise used in the massacres were provided to Izetbegovic's special opearations elite troops by Hezbollah.
The 1994 Markale "Market Massacre": "French television reported last night that the United Nations investigation into the market-place bombing in Sarajevo two weeks ago had established beyond doubt that the mortar shell that killed 68 people was fired from inside Bosnian [Muslim] lines." ["UN tracks source of fatal shell," (London) The Times, 2/19/94] "For the first time, a senior U.N. official has admitted the existence of a secret U.N. report that blames the Bosnian Moslems for the February 1994 massacre of Moslems at a Sarajevo market. . . . After studying the crater left by the mortar shell and the distribution of shrapnel, the report concluded that the shell was fired from behind Moslem lines." The report, however, was kept secret; the context of the wire story implies that U.S. Ambasador Albright may have been involved in its suppression. [DPA, 6/6/96] For a fuller discussion of the conflicting claims, see "Anatomy of a massacre," Foreign Policy, 12/22/94, by David Binder; Binder, a veteran New York Times reporter in Yugoslavia, had access to the suppressed report.Bodansky categorically states that the bomb "was actually a special charge designed and built with help from HizbAllah ["Party of God," a Beirut-based pro-Iranian terror group] experts and then most likely dropped from a nearby rooftop onto the crowd of shoppers. Video cameras at the ready recorded this expertly-staged spectacle of gore, while dozens of corpses of Bosnian Muslim troops killed in action (exchanged the day before in a 'body swap' with the Serbs) were paraded in front of cameras to raise the casualty counts."' [Offensive in the Balkans, page 62]

The 1992 "Breadline Massacre": "United Nations officials and senior Western military officers believe some of the worst killings in Sarajevo, including the massacre of at least 16 people in a bread queue, were carried out by the city's mainly Muslim defenders -- not Serb besiegers -- as a propaganda ploy to win world sympathy and military intervention. . . . Classified reports to the UN force commander, General Satish Nambiar, concluded . . . that Bosnian forces loyal to President Alija Izetbegovic may have detonated a bomb. 'We believe it was a command-detonated explosion, probably in a can,' a UN official said then. 'The large impact which is there now is not necessarily similar or anywhere near as large as we came to expect with a mortar round landing on a paved surface." ["Muslims 'slaughter their own people'," (London) The Independent, 8/22/92] "Our people tell us there were a number of things that didn't fit. The street had been blocked off just before the incident. Once the crowd was let in and had lined up, the media appeared but kept their distance. The attack took place, and the media were immediately on the scene." [Major General Lewis MacKenzie, Peacekeeper: The Road to Sarajevo, Vancouver, BC, 1993, pages 193-4; Gen. MacKenzie, a Canadian, had been commander of the U.N. peacekeeping force in Sarajevo.]

The 1995 "Second Market Massacre": "British ammunition experts serving with the United Nations in Sarajevo have challenged key 'evidence' of the Serbian atrocity that triggered the devastating Nato bombing campaign which turned the tide of the Bosnian war." The Britons' analysis was confirmed by French analysts but their findings were "dismissed" by "a senior American officer" at U.N. headquarters in Sarajevo. ["Serbs 'not guilty' of massacre: Experts warned US that mortar was Bosnian," (London) The Times, 10/1/95] A "crucial U.N. report [stating Serb responsibility for] the market massacre is a classified secret, but four specialists -- a Russian, a Canadian and two Americans -- have raised serious doubts about its conclusion, suggesting instead that the mortar was fired not by the Serbs but by Bosnian government forces." A Canadian officer "added that he and fellow Canadian officers in Bosnia were 'convinced that the Muslim government dropped both the February 5, 1994, and the August 28, 1995, mortar shells on the Sarajevo markets.'" An unidentified U.S. official "contends that the available evidence suggests either 'the shell was fired at a very low trajectory, which means a range of a few hundred yards -- therefore under [Sarajevo] government control,' or 'a mortar shell converted into a bomb was dropped from a nearby roof into the crowd.'" ["Bosnia's bombers," The Nation, 10/2/95]. At least some high-ranking French and perhaps other Western officials believed the Muslims responsible; after having received that account from government ministers and two generals, French magazine editor Jean Daniel put the question directly to Prime Minister Edouard Balladur: "'They [i.e., the Muslims] have committed this carnage on their own people?' I exclaimed in consternation. 'Yes,' confirmed the Prime Minister without hesitation, 'but at least they have forced NATO to intervene.'"["No more lies about Bosnia," Le Nouvel Observateur, 8/31/95, translated in Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, January 1997]

Senior official admits to secret U.N. report on Sarajevo massacre

Deutsche Presse-Agentur, June 6, 1996

New York

For the first time, a senior U.N. official has admitted the existence of a secret U.N. report that blames the Bosnian Moslems for the February 1994 massacre of Moslems at a Sarajevo market.
Yasushi Akashi, the Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and the former head of the U.N. mission in Bosnia, told the German Press Agency dpa that the secret report is "no secret."

An international outcry over the massacre, in which 68 civilians perished at Markale marketplace, led directly to a toughening of Western policy towards the Serbs, who were widely blamed for the incident.

But there have been persistent rumours at the United Nations ever since that a U.N. report clearly blamed the Moslems for firing on their own people in order to create international sympathy and get the West to fight on their side against the Serbs.

Until Thursday, U.N. officials strongly denied the report existed, even after it was quoted in press reports.

Akashi told dpa that not only did the first report exist, but that some journalists already had a copy. He said the details were in a 1995 story by U.S. journalist David Binder, who quoted from the confidential report.

According to Binder, the report said U.N. peacekeepers were prevented by Moslem police from entering the site in the aftermath of the explosion. No doctors were allowed on the scene and the 197 victims were carried away to hospital within 25 minutes.

After studying the crater left by the mortar shell and the distribution of the shrapnel, the report concluded that the shell was fired from behind Moslem lines. U.N. monitors reported no Serbian shelling that day from points near the marketplace.

The official U.N. report that was subsequently released said the evidence as to who fired the shell was inconclusive, since it originated from an area where Moslem and Serb lines were very close. The two reports represented divergent views, but the United Nations chose to publish the neutral report and keep the other secret.

The incident led to a NATO ultimatum to Bosnian Serbs to withdraw their heavy weapons from around Sarajevo.

At the time, Madeleine Albright, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said: "It's very hard to believe any country would do this to their own people, and therefore, although we do not exactly know what the facts are, it would seem to us that the Serbs are the ones that probably have a great deal of responsibility."


How the Serbs could be so tolerant of Islamist fanatcism,terrorism and blind hatred directed against them by Izetbegovic's supporters prior to the outbreak of war in Bosnia and Kosovo and STILL tolerate that Islamist fanaticism and hatred in Serbia (where several hundred thousand muslims live in peace) and incredibly, even Bosnia, to this very day, is beyond comprehension.


This was the last message that was scheduled to be published on John's blog( he terminated it(?)after nearly 2 years being up on the internet with no explanation whatsoever.



Rather than typing in a 4 word comment followed by a childish "hehehehe", perhaps you have something worthwhile to contribute to this adult discussion we are having here?

Are you related to Daniel Lam by any chance or are you just 8 years old? Our troops in Iraq are dying because of these Islamist Jihad fanatics, and their "bible" the Quran, which they quote extensively and use to justify their killings of innocent Western civilians (like possibly your mum,dad,sisters,brothers uncles and aunts)in trains,buses,streets, buildings and planes as we go about our daily routine of work and leisure.

I don't know what is so funny about such issues and as deadly serious a subject as Islamist terrorism that is being discussed here: especially where I quoted extensively from rigorously documented material written by radical Islamist Jihad fanatics themselves, who want to murder all of us Westerners for being "infidel" non-muslims. I don't see the humor in that, romerican. If you think that this is all so funny, perhaps you really are related to Daniel.

I also don't see what relevance your comment about "Bible quotes" has to the Izetbegovic Islamist radical platform of 1991 to KILL all non-muslims (i.e. mainly Serbs) in Bosnia, but since you have brought up the subject of the Bible, the fact of the matter is that the radical Islamist Jihad fanatics that the West is supposed to be fighting to the death in Iraq and Afghanistan have their own so-called "Bible": it is called the Quran, if you haven't figured that out already.

The Quran has some very specific passages directly allowing and endorsing - actually even instructing - its religious adherents/followers that the mass murder of "infidels" (that is, what they refer to as "UNBELIEVERS", in other words YOU, me, John, Viator and the rest of the Western Judeo-Christian, agnostic/atheist and non-Muslim world)is endorsed by "Allah" and therefore it is the sacred duty of muslims to kill non-believers such as you and your family.Think about that for a moment,roamerican.


Here is the Quran for you:
"Oh Prophet, incite the believers to combat. If there can be found among you twenty who will endure, they will vanquish two hundred, if one hundred can be found, they will vanquish a thousand infidels, because they are people such as cannot understand."

Why must infidels be slaughtered? Because "they are people such as cannot understand." That is, they must be killed for their beliefs.

The philosopher quotes the Qur'an again (and again without preface or comment):

"And combat on Allah’s path those who combat you, and don’t disobey. True, Allah does not love the disobedient! And kill them where you will find them; chase them from where they chased you: association is a graver sin than murder. But don’t fight them near the sacred Mosque unless they fight you there first. And if they fight you there, kill them then. Such is the retribution against infidels. Should they cease, Allah is, surely, forgiving and merciful."

Consider the statement, "Association is a graver sin than murder."

What constitutes 'murder'? If a Muslim kills a non-Muslim, is that murder? Not according to our Islamist philosopher. He has quoted a Quranic text that says the killing of an infidel pleases Allah. Indeed, in the text, Muslims are enjoined not to disobey Allah but to kill infidels "where you will find them." Since killing infidels is a sacred duty, it can't be murder.

A Muslim can only commit murder when he kills another Muslim.

Thus, "Association is a graver sin than murder" means that for a Muslim to have cordial relations with a non-Muslim is worse than killing a Muslim!

What is our philosopher telling Muslims? That as long as they live in a non-Islamic society, they must segregate themselves, avoid cordial relations with non-Muslims, and prepare for the day when they can seize state power and enforce the Islamic Order.

This, of course, will guarantee growing tension, leading to civil war...

Our philosopher explains:

"... the Islamic movement may, or rather should, begin by seizing power as soon as it possesses a good measure of moral and numerical strength, allowing it not only to overthrow the non-Islamic power, but also to establish the new Islamic power."

Doesn't leave much to the imagination, does it?

But since you think all of this is so funny, romerican, I presume you don't accept the truthfulness of the information quoted from the Bosnian muslims themselves in their own magazines "Svijet" and "Vox" (where in its October 1991 issue on the fromt cover we see a color graphic drawing of severed Serbian heads being stepped on by a Bosnian muslim 13th Waffen SS "Handzar" member with the captioned text reading "Spremna Handjar divizija!" which translates in English to "Handzar division is ready!").

If that is the case, rather than making stupid jokes about it that aren't even remotely funny the way Daniel Lam does, I suggest you present your own rigorously documented evidence and counter arguments refuting all of the above about Izetbegovic being an Iranian and al Qaeda backed Islamist fundametalist terrorist publicly committed to GENOCIDE of all non-muslims and his quoting of the Quran in his book "Islamic Declaration" in support of that genocide: views which he expressed and re-iterated in a visit to Tehran,Iran in 1991 BEFORE the outbreak of war after his 1970 manifesto, the "Islamic Declaration" was re-published in 1990 (so much for the ridiculous "Karadzic's & Mladic's 'brutality' AFTER the outbreak of war caused the Islamist radicalization of the Izetbegovic (SDA party) Bosnian muslims" theory).

romerican,I look forward to your valuable and worthwhile input to this discussion on Islamist terrorism and radicalism as it pertains to the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East.
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