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Monday, August 07, 2006


An article well worth reading on how the photos of Qana were, at the very least, posed.

Essentially the same "aid worker" appears in over a dozen photos within a few minutes, in various sorts of attire "discovering" dead & injured.

This is, of course, old hat. The media have been going about this for at least the 16 years of the Yugoslav wars The ITN "accidentally" faked video being merely one. It may very well be that Hezbollah have been learning how to do it from our Bosnian Nazi allies. On the other hand there are 2 major differences this time. Firstly there is journalistic support for the other side this time, particularly in America. Secondly while in Yugoslavia it seems likely that the CIA were in there faking as hard as anybody the aren't helping this time. The CIA faked satellite photos of the Srebrenica "mass graves" proving that they were new by producing before & after photos taken "24 hours apart". When it was spotted that not only had a mass grave been created in those "24 hours" but so had a new house. Equally we have the advice given to Izetbegovic that what he needed was aa incident to like a marketplace shelling to justify western bombing, shortly before 1 of the 3 marketplace massacres carried out by our Nazi friend & blamed on the Serbs to justify aggression. Then we have the alleged Srebrenica Massacre where the US government told Izetbegovic that what he needed was a massacre of at least 5,000 which duly got faked. There is also the Racak Massacre "discovered" by America's top human rights expert, William Walker, CIA asset, former US ambassador (read governor general) of El Salvador & apologist for death squads there. The attack on Yugoslavia was ultimately justified on the basis of his claim that this was not a firefight but a massacre of civilians shot "execution style" in the face. If Walker is not an obscene corrupt murdering Nazi as well as being the US governments top human rights expert this must be true. At the milosevic trial, after forensic evidence had been produced that most of the victims had powder burns on their hands, thus proving they were combatants & nobody had been shot in the face he admitted at the Milosevic "trial" that he had made it up. The media decided not to report it.

This is yet another example like al Quaeda, many of the world's drug lords, the Mafia godfather Carlos Marcello who helped Oswald & controlled Ruby, & the SS General Gehlen who helped found the CIA, as well as ODESSA & the German secret service. In all of these cases the US has found that funding these genocidal thugs has come back to bite them (as well as the rest of us). It now appears that the media tricks the CIA taught are also coming back to them.

The good news is that where, in Yugoslavia, we only had the integrity of journalists & High Court judges to rely on (yes I'm referring to the judge in the LM case who said the truth "doesn't matter") we now have the blogsphere. The proving that these photos were arranged has come, not from eagle-eyed journalists but from bloggers. Indeed even though it is clearly proven that this very important story was faked the official media have barely mentioned it. There have been cases in the US where bloggers have caught the big media lying/accidentally not telling the truth but this story may mark the watershed where it is no longer possible to pretend that the blogsphere is full of conspiracy anoraks & the TV & papers tell the authoritative version. IpNow if you want the authoritative facts go to the blogsphere.

And in the best tradition of the blogsphere being a bunch of nutters threatening death & destruction a Reuters (yes the Reuters which started international news reporting by sending pigeons to London to say that Napoleon had lost at Waterloo) rep has informed Little Green Footballs that they are 'I look forward to day when you pigs get your throats cut' & left his fingerprints on it too. Stupid boys.

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