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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


This post recently appeared in Steve Sailer's blog
My name is XXX. i'm YYYteen years old and am a muslim girl living in scotland and was wondering if you know of anything that will help me escape marrying an older first cousin from the middle east. I know i sound stupid but i got really freaked when my mum spoke to a relative telling them that she'd still give my hand to my cousin who is years older and tells the relative to wait because i haven't finished school and my other education. Also it is my mum's brother's son i'm supposed to marry and my uncle is really ill and my mum dotes on him. what if my uncle died and that was his dying wish, to have me married to my cousin? how disastrous is that going to be, i mean i don't even like the thought of inbreeding i think it's sick! Please do you know any loopholes in a XXX wedding that will stop me getting married to ZZZ? Please can you help i haven't even finished school or got a job so this has really blown me away!

While he cannot guarantee the authenticity it does seem to have an understanding of British Islam which suggest it is at least not a simple forgery. Steve's blog, which is largely about applying statistics to racial & social policies in the US is not one I would have expected a young British teen to go for but he has done a lot of stuff on consanguinity which would explain it.

It is certainly the case that a lot of immigration is of marriage partners from Pakistan, arranged & sometimes forced. For family reasons it is quite obvious why these are often arranged with relatives.

Perhaps, sexist though it might be, we should not give citizenship to males who marry British citizens. I suspect the problem is not so serious for males if only because browbeating teenage boys is more difficult.

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