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Monday, July 03, 2006


Whatever the reason it seems indisputable that the Israelis are being held to a higher standard than other nations. On Thursday's Question Time the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Nicol Stephen stated that Israeli reaction to the killing of 2 soldiers & the kidnapping of another by attacking a civilian power station "is a war crime under the Convention". The reasoning for this is that deliberately targeting civilians has been a war crime since Nuremberg.

Mr Stephen must be aware that during the war against Yugoslavia NATO bombers repeatedly also attacked power stations, indeed they used graphite bombs deliberately designed to short out power systems & make them unrepairable. The Lib Dem attitude to this aggressive & therefore illegal war was entirely & enthusiastically supportive. Thus Nicol has put himself in the, I believe unique position as a party leader, of saying that his party has been involved in war crimes. To be fair both Labour & the Tories have been guilty too though the SNP's hands were not bloodied. To continue being fair destroying people's electricity was hardly the most serious war crime there - the war itself, being aggressive & launched without a UN resolution was clearly a war crime & allowing of the ethnic cleansing of 350,000 & genocide of 6,000 in Kosovo after NATO took over is legally a Crime Against Humanity.

This is the second major TV appearance by Nicol. During the first one, a BBC debate on future power supplies, he made the gaff of saying that "nuclear is the easy answer" & going on to explain that it had to be stopped because otherwise the electorate would never shell out for the expensive & unreliable renewables he wants. It was apparent, when he became leader, that he was chosen more for being a photogenic blonde than for his political achievements. Such, we are told, are the demands of modern politics.

As someone who was expelled by the party Executive, under Robert Brown, for the sin of "bringing the party into disrepute" by openly challenging a previous, unsuccessful, attempt to expel me for supporting the classic liberal economic policies that have made Ireland so wealthy & saying that we need new nuclear if we are to prevent massive blackouts I will be interested to see how the leader's accusation that what they supported was a war crime will be said to improve their reputation.
Yours Faithfully
Neil Craig
PS I have deliberately put the older stuff in the last 2 paragraphs so that they can be edited out if you think I am being to unkind, or long winded. I hope you don't have to.
This was sent to a number of Scottish & UK newspapers, the popular ones getting a shortened version with the last 2 paras removed. It wasn't published by the Scotsman or Herald - I don't know about the others but am not entirely hopeful. I also sent this to the party. No doubt I will be able to use it again.:
As you will be aware a Mr Nicol Stephen representing himself as a member of the SLD appeared on Question Time on Thursday. During this he said that attacking civilian's electricity supplies was "a war crime under the convention". As he must be perfectly well aware the LDs enthusiasticly supported precisely this action during the War to Help the KLA Commit Genocide. Mr Stephen has therefore accused the LDs of involvement in war crimes.

Assuming that the LDs do not appreciate being accused of war crimes he has certainly engaged in "bringing the party into disrepute" & must thus be expelled. The only possible alternative would be that the party is unashamed of participation in war crimes.

I look forward to the action of the party executive. No thanks for bringing this to your attention are required

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