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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Dear Editor,
I was sickened to learn of the release of Naser Oric, the real perpetrator of the Srebrenica massacre & of Serb indignation about this..

The Serbs are absolutely & completly right on this. What Oric did was to carry out repeated attacks on villages around Srebrenica killing thousands of old men women & children (3,800 have been identified by name) since the younger men were away at war. This was genocide, pure & simple . Unlike the alleged later massacre of Oric's soldiers, for which there is virtually no credible evidence Oric's genocide is certain. Not only did NATO's senior general Marrilon testify to this at Milosevic's "trial" but Oric showed journalists videos of him beheading women & children from his very extensive home video collection. This was reported by the Toronto Star & Washington Post but not elsewhere.

Letting this genocidal creature go merely demonstrates, if there was ever any doubt, that the "war crimes tribunal" is a wholly completely & absolutely corrupt & racist propaganda instrument of a wholly completely & absolutely corrupt & racist & genocidal NATO.

By comparison the later alleged "Srebrenica massacre" of Oric's Moslem "warriors" which, unlike the primary genocide, has been massively hyped by the western media is certainly in part & probably wholly, a deliberate propaganda "big lie" (to quote Goebbels). What goes unreported is that the bodies were found near the sites of Oric's genocide & far from where they should have been if they were Moslem bodies & that ,despite massive DNA testing of them against Moslem records (but not Serb), they have overwhelming proven "unidentifiable" Add that to the statement of the ranking NATO officer at Srebrenica, Captain Schouten that " If executions have taken place, the Serbs have been hiding it damn well. Thus, I don’t believe any of it. The day after the collapse of Srebrenica, July 13, I arrived in Bratunac and stayed there for eight days. I was able to go wherever I wanted to. I was granted all possible assistance; nowhere was I stopped."

NATO & their semi-judical hirelings have deliberately released the real author of the Srebrenica massacre because they know that the propaganda lie they have told, & the press & TV have dutifully sold, for over a decade could not survive a conviction of this Nazi war criminal.

As regards the sentence- compare it with that of Dusko Tadic, accused of murdering a man's father. Defence counsel brought the alleged deceased into court to testify on his behalf, at which point the prosecution witness admitted to having lied under forceful pressure from the Bosnian Moslem secret police. Oric got 2 years, Tadic got 20.
This was sent as a reaction to the news that NATO's Nazis have decided, after due consideration, that Naser Oric, the author of what nobody not even NATO disputes was the primary genocide at Srebrenica (& probably the only one) has been released. This was reported by the Scotsman in a minor piece to which I & a couple of others added comments in a disapprving vein (one of whom, John, commented on his own blog & clearly knows some background. Very few other papers did so though the racist filth of the BBC did online only & exercising the normal nazi censroship on what he actually did.

This went to newspapers around the UK & world. It hasn't been published by the Herald, Svcotsman, Inie or Times & I suspect others will exercise the same racist censorship. Of course the entire edifice of NATO lies over Srebrenica would fall apart if Oric's genocide was reported. We may expect the same for Gotovina, the nominal commander (US officers were the real commanders) of the Krajina Holocaust.


I'm sure both Mr. Daniel Lam ( i.e. the mentally deranged profane author of the racist pro-Islamist Nazi blog - "Srebrenica genocide blogspot") as well as Mr. Norman Fraser of the SLD, are opening their bottles of cheap champagne at this most welcome news for Islamist Nazis and similar anti-Serbian genocidalists like the Nazi Croatian Ustasha/HOS/HSP/HDZ faction - but then what else would you expect from such a Nazi bunch of thugs (otherwise known as the NATO-owned Hague ICTY supported by the media Nazis and their whores at the Guardian/ITN/BBC/CNN et al)?

So here we have yet further proof of the ICTY's innate corruptness and criminality. NATO Nazi genocidalists FREEING their allies and partners in crime, the Islamist Nazi genocidalists - hideous, heinous crimes even admitted to at the highest levels by United Nations officials and military 'blue helmet' peacekeepers on the ground when the anti-Serbian genocide of CIVILIANS occurred from April 1992 to July & August 1995 .

Like you have stated elsewhere here on your blog, it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: "Nazi War Crimes Trial"


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thanks for the mention and link!


You speak of Daniel from "Srebrenica Genocide blogspot" don't you?

I know this online guy well. He visits my blog all the time with his B/S view. Its guys like him that will cause more conflict in my opinion.

And yes, I would bet you anything that he and his like are opening cheap bottles of champagne in cheer!


Scotsman also ran an article almost exactly a year before the fall which shows how Naser Oric ran things in Srebrenica.

The Scotsman July 13, 1994, Wednesday

Brutally betrayed by trusted protectors

BRUNO BELOFF hears a teenage Bosnian tell how she was raped - by Muslim
soldiers, not Serbs

THIS is the story of a girl who was raped in the midst of a civil
war, not by her enemies, but by men who claimed to protect her.

The brutality of the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina has been measured over
the last two bloodstained years by death and rape - rape as a military tactic
for terror and control.

Now, in the chaos and lawlessness of the Muslim enclaves in southern Bosnia,
allegations of the same crime are emerging.

Only a few survivors have so far been able to testify to such behaviour.

One is Vehida Dedic who says she was raped and beaten by a gang of men led
by the Bosnian Muslim commander of Srebrenica, Naser Oric, then rejected in
her own town with no-one to turn to.

For her, crossing the lines into the hands of the Serb army which was
shelling the people around her, was the only means of escape.

A rotund, gentle, elderly man, a lawyer from Belgrade, sits in the cramped,
dusty office of a disused factory in the Bosnian Serb town of Bratunac.

Opposite him is a tall, thick-set young Serb soldier, toying with a handgun,
slumped in a chair.

A diminutive 15-year-old girl enters and the two men stiffen.

They each know why she is here.

The soldier is the girl's temporary warder.

She is, after all, an object of some curiosity in Bratunac: an infiltrator
from across the nearby frontline.

The lawyer is present to take a statement for Yugoslavia's own war crimes

Vehida Dedic, visibly in pain and with one side of her face swollen by
toothache, tells her story.

"I was desperate. I realised that I couldn't live there any more and was
thinking of committing suicide."

As fighting spread across Bosnia-Herzegovina, Vehida and her family had fled
from their village of Pobudje to the nearby Muslim enclave of Srebrenica.

Vehida, initially in makeshift refugee accommodation, found space in a house
in the centre of Srebrenica.

It was there that she met the town's commander.

"Every second evening or so, Naser Oric used to come, usually with a
different woman. He was always followed into the house by three Muslim
soldiers. "On the March 27, they came again.

I made coffee, as the housekeeper told me to.

Then the three soldiers ordered me to another room.

I knew their names: Safet, Serd and Ibro, boys of 20 years.

When I entered the room, the soldiers told me to strip off, lie down on the
bed and have sex with them.

I started protesting.

I tried to free myself.

At one point, I tried to jump through the window; this was upstairs.

Safet caught me and started to beat me on the face and body.

Then all three started to beat me and take off my clothes.

That's how they stripped me naked.

Safet was the first to rape me.

After that, Serd and Ibro raped me as well."

Vehida's quiet, measured voice continues, weakened only by her swollen mouth.

She holds back tears and stares into the lawyer's eyes.

She remains outwardly calm.

"By the end, I was unconscious. I came round before dawn. I realised that
I was alone and naked, and the door of the room was open. The rape started
around eight in the evening. I don't know when they left the room. "At first,
I couldn't stand up.

Then I dressed, and went to find the housekeeper.

When I found her I told her what had happened, but she just laughed at me.

In the morning, Commander Oric came back, so I told him what his comrades
had done to me.

He hit me and swore at me."

Vehida Dedic's only culpability had been to trust those around her.

Now, she says, no-one was there to support her or assist her.

"I went to the Muslim police, to complain to them. But when I told them
what happened, they shouted 'Get out of here!' and threw me out of the police
station. 'You have complained to Naser,' they said. 'If he didn't help you,
nobody can!"' Naser Oric, the 24-year-old army commander of Srebrenica, first
came to prominence in March, 1993.

At that time, the charismatic UNPROFOR General, Philippe Morillon, demanded
that, if the town was to become a "safe area", Naser Oric must hand over his

Oric dismissed the demand and halted the evacuation of the town's women and

Faced with angry demonstrations as the townsfolk stampeded on to UN trucks,
Oric said he would "screw up" the convoys, preferring a human shield of 9,000
civilians for Srebrenica's 8,000 fighters.

Vehida Dedic's public ignominy meant no future for her in Srebrenica.

Escape seemed the best option.

Vehida persuaded a friend, Serifa, to accompany her on the five-mile walk
across the frontline, to Bratunac.

But by this time, under Oric's instructions and with the active compliance
of the UN, Srebrenica had effectively become a prison

The girls' walk was potentially suicidal.

"The only way out was down the main road from Srebrenica to Bratunac. If we
went into the hills, someone could have shot us. There were Muslim positions
there. So we went down the street. "Myself and Serifa walked out from

But, when we came to the UN guards, they prevented us from going on and told
us that they would shoot at us.

They were very short with us.

They ordered us to go back to Srebrenica ...

but we didn't want to go.

"So we crossed a stream about five kilometres from the UN post and went on
our way to Serbian territory ... "At about half past twelve a Serb soldier saw
us and beckoned.

Then we saw that we were in the middle of a minefield.

We asked the soldier to come and take us out ...

so that we didn't step on a mine.

He came and took us to the Serb guns.

The Serb soldiers gave us food.

Then they took us to Bratunac by car.

Sarifa was taken to hospital, she was pregnant."

The lawyer completes his notes.

The statement is concluded.

But what now will happen to Vehida? "In no way would I ever go back to
Srebrenica ... I want, if I can, to stay here and live in Bratunac. But if
they won't let me, I'll go on, to Valjevo, to see my grandmother ... she's
called Dessa Mehmedovic."

But no-one knew if Dessa Mehmedovic was still alive.

Survivor: Vehida Dedic, 15, has testified that Muslim soldiers raped her

Copyright 1994 The Scotsman Publications Ltd.

You may not be aware of the fact that I have completely BANNED anonymous comments from my blog.
So what does Mr. Daniel Lam do? He creates a new blog - this time under an assumed identity of a Jewish man whose
relatives were murdered in the Holocaust by - get this..... wait for it......drum roll please......SERBIAN PRO-ALLIED ROYALIST "CHETNIKS"(?!)

Oh I wish I was kidding about all of this, Neil. You can see the original post at:


Gabriel Piterberg said...

hi Peter Robert North,

I lost 17 relatives in the Holocaust. They were killed by Serbian chetniks.

Please read my latest article in it's entirety:


Gabriel Piterberg
10:11 AM


Peter Robert North said...

Dear Mr.Daniel Lam of "Srebrenica Genocide Blogspot"(a.k.a. "Gabriel Piterberg": A TOTALLY FAKE non-existent Jew)

[For those unfamiliar with Mr.Daniel Lam of Quebec, Canada, he is a mentally deranged, obnoxious,incredibly rude and profane,incorrible teenage Bosnian Islamist Nazi COWARD and a fan of notorious Bosnian Islamist Nazi mass murderer, Naser Oric (recently freed by the pro-Nazi NATO owned ICTY) whom posts under numerous aliases in order to hide his identity - a Bosnian Islamist teenager with an awful lot of time on his hands - whom claims that less than 2,000 Serbs in TOTAL - both civilian & military - died in Bosnia in THREE & A HALF YEARS OF BITTER INTERNECINE WARFARE with the Izetbegovic SDA Islamis Nazi faction.]


Daniel,you really are undermining your credibility with this kind of CRETINOUS, IMBECILIC & puerile deception.

You are about as Jewish as Adolf Eichmann was.

Mr.Lam, PLEASE stop doing such silly things as the above post and your latest identity - amongst dozens of others- this time as a supposed Jew whose relatives were supposedly murdered by the anti-Nazi pro-Allied anti-Communist Royalist "Chetnik" Serbs.

This totally PHONY new blog of yours under an assumed Jewish name only undermines and further erodes your microscopically infinitesimal "credibility" and that of your imbecilic,brain-dead pro-Nazi Islamist friends, such as the Scottish Liberal Democrats' proven LIAR, Mr.Norman Fraser.

Cheeers!!! And have a NICE and happy day, Daniel.

Peter Robert North
Thanks for the Scotsman article from 1994,anonymous. Excellent article. Even I was not aware of this Bosnian muslim girl's account of being raped by Naser Oric's troops. So here we have a Bosnian muslim girl running AWAY from Izetbegovic's so-called muslim "heros" and "defenders" of Srebrenica after being gang-raped by them.

According to the Guardian/ITN/BBC portrayal of the Serbs around Srebrenica as being "systematic mass rapists" and "genocidal mass murderers", the LAST THING in the world any sane muslim Bosnian girl would do would be to run TOWARDS the Serbs after being raped!!

And yet here in your Scotsman post we have a harrowing account of a muslim girl being gang raped by her FELLOW MUSLIMS and having reported it to the Bosnian muslim police in Srebrenica - who showed their "understanding" and "sympathy" by yelling at her and throwing her out of the police station - so she had no choice but to seek refuge and safety with the Bosnian SERBS!!

The above also helps us to understand why the so-called muslim "defenders" of Srebrenica - headed by Islamist "warlord" and self-confessed mass murderer of Serbian civilians, Mr. Naser Oric himself - ABONDONED their women and children in Izetbegovic's orchestrated "fall" of the town and left them to fend for themselves, being totally at the mercy of Ratko Mladic and the Bosnian Serb VRS army. So what did the Serbs under Mladic do? Did the Serbs do what Naser Oric and his band of Islamist Nazi thugs did to the Serbs for 3 years around Srebrenica?

Did the Serbs do what Izetbegovic's people and the Guardian/ITN/BBC corrupt, racist,lying media whores kept telling the world over and over they were capable of and supposedly doing to the muslims since the war broke out in April 1992: i.e., commit "mass rape", cut the throats of, behead and burn, the muslim women and children?

NO!!! Instead unlike Naser Oric's murderous treatment of the Serbs in and around Srebrenica for the previous THREE YEARS, the Bosnian Serb army under Mladic ORGANIZED BUSES FOR THE SAFE EVACUATION of the muslim women and children!!

The corrupt media whores at CNN/BBC/ITN and the Guardian referred to this humane treatment -the safe passage of muslim women and children out of harms way - as "ethnic cleansing" (?!)

Go figure.

What the corrupt,racist media whores also fail to tell us is that 35,632 +5,000 troops the Izetbegovic Islamists actually ADMITTED made it safely to Tuzla, plus 8,000 supposedly "executed" = 48,632 people. The July 1995 population [i.e BEFORE the enclave "fell" to the Bosnian Serbs] was 40,000 according to the United Nations OWN figures!!

Nobody, not even the Izetbegovic Islamists or their supporters like Mr.Fraser, can seriously claim with a straight face that Srebrenica had a July 1995 population figure of 48,632 people before it fell.

Even the notoriously anti-Serbian,anti-Yugoslav NATO-owned Hague ICTY claimed that Srebrenica had a population figure actually even LOWER than the 40,000 cited by the UN [they claim only 37,000!!]

Since there were 35,632 civilian survivors registered by the UN AFTER the enclave fell, +5,000 troops admitted by the Izetbegovic faction to have made it safely through Izetbegovic's muslim lines to Tuzla, then if we add 8,000 to that we get 48,632.

This is way,way over the accepted population figures of both the Hague ICTY of 37,000 people or the UN's own figure of 40,000 people at the time the events occurred.

There is no way in hell - even according to the UN's and the NATO owned ICTY's own figures that the population of Srebrenica was 48,632 people in July 1995 prior to the Izetbegovic orchestrated "fall" to the Bosnian Serb VRS army.

See the documented evidence cited in the International Strategic Studies Association's report "Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis"
Volume XXIII, No. 62,Friday, June 17, 2005
Available at the following URL link

PS: From the contents of your post its quite clear you are NOT the same "anonymous" as Mr.Fraser whom regularly posts his pro-Islamist Nazi (i.e., Guardian/ITN/BBC) trash here. Mr. Fraser calls anyone who exposes the Guardian/ITN lies concerning Trnopolje/Omarska and Srebrenica as being "pro-Serb" or "Serbophiles" spreading "mendacious trash" so I thought I'd return the favour and refer to Mr. Fraser and his friends as pro-Islamist Nazi racists).
NATO owned ICTY tries for a little damage control and PR to counter bad publicity for giving Oric 2 years for killing 3,800+ Serbian civilians from 1992 to 1995 in and around villages adjoining Srebrenica and Gorazde.

Note the BBC Goebbels style 'Big Lie' comment at the end (i.e., without providing any independent proof as usual):

"Mr Oric's crimes took place well before the 1995 Bosnian Serb massacre of nearly 8,000 Srebrenica Muslims."
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