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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Another of my bright ideas.
Their problem is that though they can win any war they can't take the hearts & minds. For that they need some way to talk to the Arab people.

Israel should launch a geo-synchronous communications satellite (one that stays at all times over - not Bethlehem but the equator) and use it to broadcast to the entire Middle East. If a nation of Jewish entrepreneurs can't produce TV news that can whip al Jazerra, which is certainly whipping all the official state media in Arabia then they aren't the Israel we all know. All they have to do is put in the straight honest news the people never get to see plus a certain amount of juicy gossip about which Saudi prince is sleeping with which (or occasionally princess), how much is in Mrs Arafat's French bank account & which Moslem leader (not Arab admittedly) said they need to arrange the massacre of 5,000 of their own people to get sympathy.

For generations the various Arab leaders have been able to use war with Israel as a way of keeping their street in line. This would allow the Israelis to go direct to the people. Because a satellite beams straight down it cannot even be jammed the way line of sight broadcasts can. There is barely a single Arab politician who, if he roused Israel's ire, could stand a campaign exposing his corruption. Paradoxically Hamas would probably come closest because they are, by comparison, uncorrupt, but thems the breaks. Would the Arabs watch programmes from the hated enemy - I think so, after all Brits listened to Lord Haw Haw during the war. To keep an audience would depend on the Israelis treating their audience honestly but they are clearly more equipped to do that than the Arab leaders (& I suggest our own). If this worked the next middle east war would be between the Arab peoples & their leaders. Of course this assumes that Arabs are not congenitally wedded to a fundamentalist Islam & that as individuals they would like out of their medievalism. This is a matter of opinion but my opinion is that people are pretty much the same all over if you don't drive them into their cultural shells.

There is the minor question of getting from here to there. Israel has launched a satellite but they had to do it the wrong way (East to west up the Mediterranean) to avoid enemy airspace. This won't work for geosynchronous so the y would have to launch from Canaveral or Baikonur. I would suggest they should try for the Russian one. A rocket launched from the US would be seen as a US rocket with the Israelis piggybacking, one launched from Russia would, correctly, be seen as a primarily Israeli achievement & such an achievement itself would enormously raise Israel's standing.

Would Putin agree. There is only one way to find out but I think he would. He is an intelligent pragmatist & so long as they paid well I think he gains substantially. He would lose his Moslem friends, but they are more acquaintances than friends. He would gain Israeli friends & more importantly the US Jewish community would look on Russia in a considerably better light. Most importantly this would put the Russian space effort into a strong position vis a vis the US.

Launching from the US, while Israel's prime ally, would probably cost a lot more (NASA is an expensive mess) & take longer to make a political decision. I wouldn't even ask Europe - they would spend 20 years discussing the contract & then Malta would veto it. China, while having potential is still largely potential.

Of course the Moslem leaders would scream to the UN about Israel violating their cultural heritage but then one of the nicest things I have read about the middle east in recent years was when Bay Watch topped the Iranian ratings. All the same under the jibab.


this post is BRILLIANT.You are spot on -winning hearts and minds is how one wins wars. As we saw the Balkan Islamists/Nazis and their allies in the Western media during the 1990's use PR - and PR firms like US based Ruder Finn to great effect - despite the reality of the facts on the ground (e.g., the leaders of the secessionist republics being blatant Nazis and/or Islamist fundamentalist terrorists) PR/propaganda won the hearts and minds of the Western public, and thus the war itself.

This is such a good idea it should be the lead article on IsraPundit!!


CONGRATULATIONS NEIL!!! Your Blog Post: Its now on the Front Page of ISRAPUNDIT!!!!
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This is a grand idea but they need to find a provider that can make the channel accessible in the states. They would pick up a hefty audience here and produce some advertising profits to keep things going.

It may be necessary however to involve the US. Putin is a dark dude these days; he has not come out with an official policy but Russia backs the Arabs. This will become more evident as time goes on.

The ideology that drove the USSR before it broke apart has resurrected and although Russia has morphed to be able to exit and compete in today’s world the old inspirations are back. This should be evident by the positioning of Russian on Iran and dealings with Syria. It should also be noted In Iraq we have uncovered many connections which existed between Saddam and Russia in violation of international agreements. So involved and substantial are they, that complete disclosure could start another Cold War. Even so, today Russia continues to support and arm terrorist states.

Russia learned from the Cold War that they cannot win confronting America directly. Hence, a decision has been made to support rogue nations and confront the West by proxy to achieve their goals. By forcing America to focus not on one adversary, but many throughout the world, they can weaken their opponent in a number of ways. No longer are US resources concentrated on one type of threat from only a few sources. No longer is funding for defense and security focused. We have become spread out in many ways.

This is also why Putin met with Hugo Chavez to establish a proxy in the West.

“The biggest threat that exists in the world is the empire of the United States,” he said at the unveiling of a bust of Bolivar, a Venezuelan national liberation hero, at Moscow’s Library of Foreign Literature.

He also called the United States “a mindless, blind and stupid giant that does not understand the world, does not understand human rights, does not understand anything in humanism, culture and consciousness.”

Ivan Safranchuk, head of the Moscow bureau of the Center for Defense Information, a U.S. think tank, said such outbursts by Chavez fitted well with growing anti-American sentiments among Kremlin officials.

“Venezuela [by proxy] will serve Russia well by slamming the United States in the United Nations Security Council, using words Moscow will like but would not want to utter itself,” Safranchuk said. - The Moscow Times

Chavez then left Moscow and flew to Iran where he was awarded with Iran’s highest honorary medal and was told by Ahmedinejad that he saw in Chavez a kindred spirit and call him a “brother and trench mate.” Chavez for his part pledged that his country would “stay by Iran at any time and under any condition,”

There is too much more to include here but let it suffice to say; Israel will not be getting any great favors from Russia in the future and I seriously doubt that Russia will help in this case.

Besides that, yesterday,

(Associated Press via NewsEdge) A Russian rocket that was to put 18 satellites in orbit failed and crashed to the ground shortly after liftoff early Thursday, the Interfax news agency reported.

If things go awry what happens?

Comment by RandyTexas — July 31, 2006 @ 3:15 pm
Yea, I wish they would finally defeat the entire Middle East...if they don't, someone is going to have to.

Good idea of putting it up in the US for the advertising Peter. I think US cable could carry it with little problem.

I have to disagree with you about Putin I think his description of the US as “a mindless, blind and stupid giant that does not understand the world, does not understand human rights, does not understand anything in humanism, culture and consciousness.” is perceptive & pretty fair.

It specificly does not cast the US as villains but as well mean but ignorant & I think it describes very well how the US was able to be pushed into leading the wars against Yugoslavia. The US blindly followed the EU who, not blindly, followed Germany. There was no real US interest (apart from "proving" that socialism doesn't work) & their ignorance of the ethnic history was total, as is their vulnerability to PR & media salemanship by CNN & Ruder & Finn etc.
Hi Neil,

Excellent rebuttal from you. Incidentally, that comment I posted above that you responded to was from "RandyTexas" on IsraPundit.My apologies for the confusion. How about putting your excellent response above to "Randy Texas" on the IsraPundit comments section as well? Go to

to register.

Once again, WELL DONE, Neil, on a a superb article (and excellent idea!)

This is a really good site with multimedia presentations explaining the true reasons for the Israeli-Arab (Palestinian) conflict:

The one below is even better since it draws on the striking parallels between the massive lies told by the media against the Serbs (it shows how Trnopolje "death camp" was FAKED by ITN) with the lies told by the media against the Israelis:

Please note, you will need "PowerPoint 2003" viewer to view it, which is available from the following website address:

another response from RandyTexas, a reader on IsraPundit:

If Chavez’s description of the US: (“a mindless, blind and stupid giant that does not understand the world, does not understand human rights, does not understand anything in humanism, culture and consciousness;”) is perceptive & pretty fair; then the rest of the world is pure evil.

The Clinton administrations attack on the Serbs was a travesty of justice driven in part by his wagging the dog to get Monica out of the headlines. The real culprit is the news media who made it possible by portraying the Serbs as Nazis while making the KLA vicims. We in the States post 9/11 are not so naive.

I also do not accept that Chavez’s statement does not specifically cast the US as villains; consider the following:

Chavez seeks anti-U.S. military alliance:

The need is for a Latin American alliance “equivalent to NATO, with our own doctrine, not one that’s handed down by the gringos,” he said in a TV broadcast at the Inca shrine of Lake Titicaca.

The ominous, embattled motif of Chavez’s recent tour was, deliberate. Connect the dots between Caracas, Minsk, Moscow, Tehran and Hanoi and you have, at least in Chavez’s own words, an anti-imperialist alliance and “an axis of good” to counter U.S. President George W. Bush, who has “a relationship with the Devil.”

Every tyrannical dictator can only wield power as long as he has an omnipresent devil.

Chavez has become a “Soviet” proxy as are Iran and Syria. I am convinced in the time to come Russia will be a big problem even if it is only through the use of their proxies. (I say Soviet because the old Kremlin is back )

Thanks for the link to Bodansky: Offensive in the Balkans :

In Chapter 13(published 1995?), Bodansky lays out a scenario where the Balkins crisis could have escalated into a world war eventually pulling in the US and Russia. The danger of his scenario is past in relation to the NATO actions in Kosovo but certain aspects for the basis of his theory hold true if adapted to the Middle-East crisis today.

Arab nations are to a degree extensions of Moscow as is Israel to some extent an extension of the West. There is a serious danger that the M.E. conflict will evolve into a much greater conflict, even a global conflict - If not now, at some point in the not too distant future.

Comment by RandyTexas — August 2, 2006 @ 2:42 pm
Have you received your password from IsraPundit yet, Neil? I think RandyTexas has raised some very interesting points. Both of us should comment directly on IsraPundit in response to this.



my response to RandyTexas published on the comments section of IsraPundit

Hi RandyTexas, yes I agree that concerning Clinton’s Kosovo adventure in 1999, that the MonicaGate scandal was one of the main motivating factors for the bombing of the Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia in 1995, and for 3 months in 1999 on behalf of the al Qaeda & Iranian backed KLA Nazis and thir Islamist terrorist allies from the Middle East.

However, I also think its worth pointing out that Clinton’s support for the Islamist fundamentalist terrorist Izetbegovic and the Ustasha Nazi Tudjman goes back years BEFORE the Monica Lewinsky scandal (e.g. Clinton called for the bombing of Serbia and the Bosnian Serbs back in 1992 whilst George Herbert Walker Bush -Bush Snr - was still president!).

The US, under Bush Snr, (through US ambassador to the original Yugoslav federation, Mr.Warren Zimmerman) destroyed the Cutileiro Lisbon Agreement in February 1992 BEFORE the outbreak of war in Bosnia, between Karadzic, Izetbegovic and Boban, for a cantonized Bosnia similar to the Swiss confederation model).

It is reported according to reliable sources that Zimmerman, on behalf of Bush Snr, told Izetbegovic of the Cutilero plan:

“If you don’t like it, why sign it?”

and then Zimmerman proceeded to assure Izetbegovic that US recognition of his Islamist fundamentalist Nazi regime would follow (which the US did on April 6,1992: the very same day Hitler bombed Belgrade 51 years earlier on April 6, 1941! A coincidence? I doubt it.)What followed that was 3 and a half years of Izetbegovic sponsored Islamist terrorist carnage and ethnic cleansing - in alliance with Tudjman’s Ustasha Nazis from Croatia - against primarily Serbian civilians backed by al Qaeda and the global Islamist Jihad cut-throat killer fanatics. All of this was, as you correctly pointed out,completely covered up and lied about by the US media (even to this day).

The US, under Clinton, also torpedoed ALL of the possible EC/EU and UN peace agreements brokered by Cyrus Vance, Lord Owen, Thorvald Stoltenberg, Carl Bildt, etc, etc.

So it is obvious that the US’s support from as early as 1992 for the Bosnian Islamist fundamentalist terrorists and Croatian Ustasha Nazis had begun much EARLIER than the Monica Lewisnsky scandal (which occurred during 1998) when it illegally recognized Izetbegovic and Tudjman’s secessionist governments in early 1992

It gets worse: even 3 years prior to that in 1989, the Bush Snr administration, through the 1990 Foreign Appropriations Act FORCED the original Yugoslav federation - through the threatened cutting off of ALL crucial US financial aid and credits - to acquiesce and allow the support of the secessionist extremist parties to gain a foothold through the 1990 multi-party elections which invariably led to the Slovenians under Kucan and the Croatians under Tudjman -by armed terrorist actions against 18 year old conscripts and their barracks in the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) - thus forcing the illegal break-up of the Yugoslav federation.

Bush Snr - through the UN - also forced the imposition of draconian
UN economic sanctions against Serbia-Montenegro in late May 1992, after the Izetbegovic STAGED “Sarajevo Markale marketplace bread queue massacre” (Bodansky notes that the explosives and expertise used in this staged massacre were supplied by Hezbollah) and Bush Snr again strengthened US isolation of Serbia by tighteneing those UN sanctions even further - Bush Snr’s remarkable decision to in
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