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Monday, July 31, 2006


This is lifted from A Hack's Life - he clearly has sources I don't & think it deserves a little more exposure.
My old chum Lord Snooty – aka Mark Douglas-Home – former editor of The Herald, isn’t having much luck with his latest project. His ghosted autobiography of LibDem leader Sir Minging Campbell, although well received by the publisher – has been shelved four a couple of months, until after the LibDems Brighton conference in September. The official reason is that Campbell is too busy to co-operate with Snooty, but that’s crap. The book contains details of Minging’s role in the downfall of Chuckie Kennedy, his predecessor, and is said to show how he organised the coup that led to Kennedy’s resignation after he admitted suffering from alcoholism. This will be the same coup that was the topic of Chinese whispers that preceded Chuckie’s downfall and which Minging so vociferously denied at the time.

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