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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


This table appears on the Wikipedia site on the current whereabouts of the Serbs of Croatia < > giving the entirely pro-Croatian Nazi line:

State Number
Croatia 202,365
Serbia and Montenegro 150,000-400,000
Bosnia and Herzegovina 150,000
Elsewhere in the world 100,000
Total 600,000-750,000

To which I added:
However while the above table may represent the official Croatian position there are 2 very massive problems with it.

Firstly the 100,000 refugees Elsewhere in the World is not supported by anything. Were there to actually be 100,000 Krajina refugees in Hungary, Slovenia or western Europe generally it would have been expected to be noticed as, for example, much smaller groups of Roma from the Czech republic or indeed Kosovo Albanian refugees there who decided not to return have been commented on. There simply is no evidence of survivors on this scale. Further a glance at the map above also shows that Serb refugees fleeing Croatian Nazi death squads only route of escape led to Bosnia & Serbia not western countries.

Secondly & even more seriously, the table gives a combined total of survivors in Bosnia & Serbia of between 300,000 & 450,000. However the OSCE report on the subject says specifically of the refugees from Croatia that only "some 200,000 of whom now live in neighbouring Serbia & Bosnia". Since the OSCE is a pro-western body it is inconceivable that they would distort figure in a manner beneficial to the Serbian case, quite the reverse.

This means that there is a discrepancy between the people known to be alive under Croatian Nazi authority & those "accounted for" of between 200,000 & 450,000 human beings.

Since the western powers assisted Tudjman, the Croatian Nazi leader by supplying him with weaponry, in the case of Kohl's Germany & officers & command systems, in the case of Clinton's USA, despite, or because of, knowing that he was already on record as saying that "genocide is commanded by the word of the Almighty" their total lack of concern as to what happened to several hundred thousand innocent men, women & children must be taken at face value. The manner in which the media of these countries has also been able to censor virtually all reporting of this genocide also displays not only a total lack of any honesty but a similar lack of human decency.
Reference * OSCE Report on Croatian treatment of Serbs [}

That was yesterday. Today it has been deleted. Together with the OSCE reference. there is no dispute that the arithmetic & sources are entirely correct. I will be repasting it & will NOT be deleting other comments from the Nazi side. It is quite obvious that my points are at least valid.

It has been noticeable that, where authors names are identified, the contollers of Wikipedia articles on the Yugoslav wars are overwhelmingly drawn from citizens of the Croatian Nazi regime. This was fisrt obvious when a commetor pointed out that the article on Tudjman was a verbatim copy (entirely against wikipedia's official rules) of a hagiography produced by the regime.

I hope the wikipedia moderator will not continue to censor, or encourage others to censor undisputed facts in the interests of genocide. Being purely a lying agent of racist Nazis intent on covering up genocide might reflect badly on them.

I have been officialy banned from Wikipedia for "trolling" but without any dispute as to the truth of what I have posted. So no suggestion that Wikipedia is indeed in any way open access or subject to public participation if you aren't putting forward racist propaganda.

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