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Thursday, June 15, 2006


I would just like to say how much I appreciate Miss Felicity Kendall's appearance in Rosemary & Thyme (a very silly TV show about 2 middle class British lady jobbing gardners who solve murders). British readers, of a certain age, will know who i am talking about since in the mid 70s she starred in a programme called The Good Life in which she managed to be extremely sexy, funny & sexy not neccessarily in that order.

Last night I was reminded of my youth, who is fully grown by now, by her appearance in R&T where she was going around in jeans & T-shirts & taking her clothes off for bed in the room she shares with her co-star (actually nothing disgraceful - 2 beds, filmed in silhouette & she wears clothes in bed but the director had clearly thought about it). It inspired me to check & it appears she was born in September 1946. By God it gives you hope.

This has been a public silliness announcement.

Good to see Felicity Kendall on American TV again. Miss her since "Good Life" (Good Neighbors, as it was called out here). Still charming and witty as ever. Putting her together with Pam Ferris is a great pairing and piece of casting. It's a pleasure watching these two.

Encino Man
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