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Friday, June 09, 2006


A particular individual running a racist blog purporting to be about the "Srebrenica genocide" has recently been sending me & numerous others obscene messages. Peter North has done an article on this on nato-media-lies-exposed.

While I very strongly believe in the importance of dissenting opinions (you may have guessed) I do not intend to allow obscenities & obvious lies from him. This means I will not knowingly be publishing comments from Mr Lam of Quebec (under numerous aliases). Should he ever be willing to debate without obscenities & allow honest comments on his blog I would be happy to change this. I very much regret if this ever inadvertently results in me disallowing any anonymous comment from a real human being.


You may not be aware of the fact that I have completely BANNED anonymous comments from my blog.
So what does Mr. Daniel Lam do? He creates a new blog - this time under an assumed identity of a Jewish man whose
relatives were murdered in the Holocaust by - get this..... wait for it......drum roll please......SERBIAN PRO-ALLIED ROYALIST "CHETNIKS"(?!)

Oh I wish I was kidding about all of this, Neil. You can see the original post at:


Gabriel Piterberg said...

hi Peter Robert North,

I lost 17 relatives in the Holocaust. They were killed by Serbian chetniks.

Please read my latest article in it's entirety:


Gabriel Piterberg
10:11 AM


Peter Robert North said...

Dear Mr.Daniel Lam of "Srebrenica Genocide Blogspot"(a.k.a. "Gabriel Piterberg": A TOTALLY FAKE non-existent Jew)

[For those unfamiliar with Mr.Daniel Lam of Quebec, Canada, he is a mentally deranged, obnoxious,incredibly rude and profane,incorrible teenage Bosnian Islamist Nazi COWARD and a fan of notorious Bosnian Islamist Nazi mass murderer, Naser Oric (recently freed by the pro-Nazi NATO owned ICTY) whom posts under numerous aliases in order to hide his identity - a Bosnian Islamist teenager with an awful lot of time on his hands - whom claims that less than 2,000 Serbs in TOTAL - both civilian & military - died in Bosnia in THREE & A HALF YEARS OF BITTER INTERNECINE WARFARE with the Izetbegovic SDA Islamis Nazi faction.]


Daniel,you really are undermining your credibility with this kind of CRETINOUS, IMBECILIC & puerile deception.

You are about as Jewish as Adolf Eichmann was.

Mr.Lam, PLEASE stop doing such silly things as the above post and your latest identity - amongst dozens of others- this time as a supposed Jew whose relatives were supposedly murdered by the anti-Nazi pro-Allied anti-Communist Royalist "Chetnik" Serbs.

This totally PHONY new blog of yours under an assumed Jewish name only undermines and further erodes your microscopically infinitesimal "credibility" and that of your imbecilic,brain-dead pro-Nazi Islamist friends, such as the Scottish Liberal Democrats' proven LIAR, Mr.Norman Fraser.

Cheeers!!! And have a NICE and happy day, Daniel.

Peter Robert North
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