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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Once again the BBC started off the political week. On this occasion he ran a discussion on nuclear power with the remark
"We talk to the experts Sir Jonathan Porrit & Sir David King"
In fact to call either a nuclear power expert is untrue.

Sir David King is Blair's sientific advisor & does have some scientific credentials though nobody would claim he was the best scientist in Britain, or even close, which meant he got his job by being willing to prostitiue himself by giving the advice Bliar wants (if it works for Attourney Generals & MI5 bosses it certainly works for science advisors. Sir David is the guy whom I recently wrote about having said that by the end of the century the only inhabitable continent will be Antartica (which implies at least a 30 degree rise) & later said it would actually be a massive 3 degrees (the BBC naturally described this as "his strongest warning yet). I fully accept both claims as representing the full expertese of this fool.

Sir Jonathan Porritt is one of the more intelligent environmentalists around, which means he isn't always totally wrong. His expertise in nuclear power is equal to mine in potholing - it looks dangerous & I don't fancy trying it.

Both parties entirely agree that catastrophic global warming is the imminent threat & that we need more government regulation, restriction, poverty etc to stop it. Both are government employees & Bliar's curs (the "c" is soft).

This is yet another example of how the BBC always give both sides of the debate & always choose which 2, of very many sides, are acceptable. Thus giving the illusion of honest impartiality while keeping the reality of control.

The piece was introduced with a remark about the BBC's heavily hyped Climate Chaos introduced by David Attenborough whose impartiality is proven by the claim that he "used to be a climate sceptic in the 90s" but is now a loyal believer. I must have missed the programme where he took the GW nuts (it must be the only such the BBC ever did) but have asked the BBC when it was.

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